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Balthazar has important requirements for cross-game expansion, following our bold goal of achieving the greatest number of scholars deployed into NFT games and our robust rent-to-earn service.

By using Balthazar’s rental management platform, this will allow our guild to move quickly across games at scale using third party capital.

Axie Infinity

Balthazar has launched our lending platform which provides NFT owners the ability to lend their Axies to Balthazar, and deployed into our Scholars. We have developed a robust system that tracks the performance of NFTs and implemented automatic payments. Blathazar currently has 1,500+ scholars in Axie Inifity, with Balthazar Owned NFTs.

Thetan Arena

Balthazar has recently launched into Thetan Arena – a MOBA style game that is growing rapidly with more than 18 million users. Lenders and Scholars earn in teams of 4 using all different types of NFT Heroes.


What is play-to-earn?

The crypto economy is developing quickly through innovative smart contract development. Value and resources can be moved between two entities (either human or organisation) without relying on traditional third-party intermediaries and traditional legal practices.

The play-to-earn space has evolved quickly within the labor-to-earn category. Where labor-to-earn utilises smart contracts to create mechanisms for human labor to be rewarded digitally, at scale.

Play-to-earn utilises games built on the blockchain to allow gamers (both new and seasoned) to participate in a game and earn monetary value through gameplay.

Simply, play-to-earn gives the opportunity for people to play a game and earn money (in the form of in-game crypto currency).

What is rent-to-earn?

While play-to-earn is focused on the parties operating the NFTs, rent-to-earn focuses on the party that wants to lease their NFTs for a portion of the earnings.

There are some crypto whales out there that own thousands of NTFs that are just sitting there collecting ‘meta-dust’. Some people don’t have the time to play or manage their NFTs – that is where Balthazar comes in. Give us your NFTs and we will play them for you while you rent-to-earn.

What is an NFT game?

A game built on blockchain that utilises NFTs to earn digital currency through various gameplay mechanics. Game mechanics vary based on the type and format of the game. Some games require you to water NFT plants, while other games require you to battle NFT pets. Nurturing NTFs and winning battles result in earning currency.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a metaverse inspired by Pokémon, where users have the potential to earn tokens (in-game currency) through gameplay. Gameplay can include battling, collecting and raising digital pet NFTs (called Axies) on NFT land.

All game NFT assets such as land and pets can be accessed through 3rd party APIs which enables community developers to create tools and 3rd party assets for the Axie Infinity metaverse.

What is the Balthazar DAO token?

The Balthazar DAO token, $BGG, is a token that represents a portion of ownership of the DAO. BGG DAO tokenmics can be found here.