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Zed Run

Own, race, earn and make your way to the top in this online game. Zed Run is a play-to-earn digital racehorse game.

What is Zed Run

Zed Run is turning your fantasy of owning a racehorse into a reality. The blockchain-based game offers you racehorses in the form of NTFS. You can buy, race, and breed them as you deem fit. While real-world horses can be pretty costly, you can begin on Zed Run with a couple of bucks or hundreds at best. That’s the beauty of Zed Run.

Essentially, it is an NFT-based game where you will race your horse. You will receive the tokens if you win, but that’s not the only way of earning them. As you can guess, there’s a built-in marketplace and many other ways to trade Zed Run NFTs to make.

How to play

The entire game is about owning NFTs, racing the horses, and breeding new ones. The whole setting of the game is quite diverse but easy to understand.

  • You will need a MetaMask wallet and connect it to Zed Run.
  • Next, you will have to invest in some Ethereum and convert it to Wrapped Ethereum for the platform.
  • You will then invest in owning a horse. There are many attributes to consider while purchasing a horse. You will learn more about it below.
  • There will be a Griffin Race option. It is free and helps categorise your horse better for actual races.
  • After that, you can race your horse according to the class you acquire.

While you will race to win, you will also have options like breeding. Male horses will offer breeding at a price. Meanwhile, female horses get to keep the offspring.

Breed and Race – The settings of Zed Run

Zed Run is a simulator racing game that depends on RNG, but various attributes of the horses will impact the race. These attributes are:

  • Bloodline: There are four bloodlines. Nakamoto is the rarest known for being a champion. Second on the list is Szabo, Finney comes third, and Buterin is the most common.
  • Genotype: The genotype will determine the class and performance of the horse. Lower the genotype rank, the better the horse will be. In which case, a Buterin with a low Genotype could surpass Nakamoto with a higher genotype.

The breed type and coat colour impact the pricing of the horse more than the winning statistics.

Whenever you race the horse, it will finish in a specific position. If you get anywhere from 1 to 4 positions, you earn a point. The 5th to 8yth position won’t get any, and any lower will have negative points.

Zed Run tokens

There are two tokens available in the entire game:

  • The horses are the NFTs that you can buy or sell. You can upgrade your hoses according to the race experience and wins. Breeding horses also results in acquiring more NFTs.
  • The in-game currency is Wrapped Ethereum. Since the game runs on Polygon blockchain, you will have to convert Ethereum into wrapped. It is easy to do with a MetaMask wallet.

While Ethereum is one of the higher-priced cryptocurrencies, you can invest in bits to own it and then convert it to WETH to use in the game.

How to buy and sell Zed Run tokens

There are three ways to buy and sell Zed Run tokens:

Play in a guild

Zed Run is one of the most competitive NTF games available. With such a lower number of first-gen (Generis type) horses available, it is bound to be challenging to get to the top. The values could potentially skyrocket. But, you can still make your dream come true.

If you want to own a horse, breed it, race it, and trade it, Balthazar Guild could be your companion. The guild helps new players find grounds to begin. You can effectively get scholarship programs that prepare you for games like Zed Run.

If you acquire sustainable standing, you can also rent your horses and other assets to new Balthazar Wizards (members) and gain profit in return. Balthazar helps you thrive in a highly competitive world of NFGT gaming.


Is Zed Run a good investment?

There are many ways for you to earn money in Zed Run. It is a premium-level horse racing NFT game. As it is available on polygon blockchain, you can expect it to be quite a valuable investment.

Can you make money with Zed Run?

Yes. You make money at every point with Zed Run. For the starters, you gain cash for 1st to 4th position. Male horses can charge for becoming studs. Female horses get to keep the offspring produced. The value of NFTs is determined by their bloodline, genotype, breed type, and gender.

How many Zed Run horses are left?

There isn’t any limit on how many horses there can be from second generations. However, there will be only 38,000 first-generation horses.

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