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X World

X World Games (“XWG”) is founded on 2018 with an aim to establish the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse. It envisions to build a diversified gaming ecosystem where game developers and traditional gamers are bring on to join in the crypto world.

What is X World game

X World Game falls among the top NFT-gaming hubs. Since its inception in 2018, XWG has been working to provide interactive blockchain and decentralised games to players worldwide. The objective was initially to help the non-NFT players find an easy transition to blockchain gaming. However, it has become a massive platform for game developers and players alike to create or enjoy fascinating frameworks.

X World Game (XWG) has released two full-fledged games, Dream Card V1 and V2. There has also been a fully-functioning Marketplace, DeFi Pool, and X Wallet for in-game transactions.

Interestingly enough, XWG is known for its appealing Anime-oriented designs and visuals. These go for the game’s graphics to the NFT collection. Hence, players often dub it as the Animeverse on the Metaverse.

Dream card V1

Dream Card V1 is a trading card battle game where players collect unique cards, form a deck, and battle each other. It uses the Japanese ACG style and takes heavy inspiration from The Pokemon Card Game.

Dream card V2

Dream Card V2 is the improved version in combat visuals, graphical appeal, and expansion of the V1. Instead of PvP battles, it focuses on PvE for a more challenging game.

Dream card bimbo

The collection of NFTs is available on the Ethereum blockchain for users worldwide.

VR landscape

An upcoming VR-related Metaverse event will have Dream Girls, the idols of the XWG, performing on the stage.

Game hub

A mobile app with a vast collection of mini-games where you can play and earn $XWG, the primary token of the XWG world.

Built-In Tools

XWG has also worked to provide various native tools. These include an X-Wallet that works throughout the XWG universe to offer you the ease of maintaining funds and making transitions. The X Market will also have a complete range of NFTs and tools available for players to trade. Similarly, there is an X pool for people to stake and increase their reward pool.

X World game tokens

X World Games exists on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). It uses the built-in $SWG token with around 10 billion in the supply chain. The single token is responsible for in-game rewards, credits, DAO and everything else. The $SWG will be available through play-to-earn, staking, DeFi and much more.

Almost every in-game asset for the players is an NFT. The NFTs use BEP-1155 and BEP-721. The layer-2 protocol is also under development to grant the users more flexibility with the tokens.

How to buy and sell X World game tokens

There is a dedicated marketplace available on the website. It encompasses all the available NFTs for you to trade. You will need MetaWallet, Binance Wallet or Gold Wallet to access the Marketplace. There is also an X-Wallet that you can download and use, but that will be for in-game ease.

By using the Wallets, you an directly invest in $SWG and get them to spend in the game.

Join a guild

Balthazar is a versatile NFT gaming platform growing with new members joining every day. You can become a Wizard of Balthazar and open yourself to the new realm of possibilities. The members can apply for Scholarships to start their journey into the nft games world. You can also lend your resources, tokens, and NFTs to other players to help them out. In return, you stand to gain lucrative returns and build profit.

With Balthazar, you can become part of a highly-rewarding wealth-building ecosystem across the Metaverse.


How do you play-to-earn in X World Games?

XWG provides you with many in-game incentives like rewards for winning the round in the game. There is a complete NFT market available for you to trade. You can also stake the $SWG to lock them away and get impressive rewards later.

Is XWG like the SandBox and MOBOX?

XWG does provide a hub for the players and developers to come together. However, the games don’t exist in a single layout. Users can develop games and integrate them into the universe of XWG, but each one also acts as a standalone option. So, it is not quite like The Sandbox or MOBOX.

Does X World Game has cross-chain compatibility?

XWG will likely have cross-chain compatibility as it is becoming the next-gen integration in most blockchain games. However, XWG currently has a unique feature where players can import or export characters and NFTs from different games of XWG into other games. Thus, giving it something similar to a multiverse effect.

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