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World of Freight

World of Freight is a community of people who are passionate about freight transportation.

  • ETH
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $4,434
Volume(24h) -
24h % Change 0.00
Circulating Supply 0.00 WOF
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000

World of Freight NFT Game

World of Freight is a community of people who are passionate about freight transportation. It features a player-to-environment (P2E) racing game in which players use $WOF Tokens to personalize and improve their vehicles. The Racing Arena is the centerpiece of this game, and it allows players to compete against one another from all over the globe. In addition, there is a Garage in the game in which players can spend $WOF Tokens to personalize and improve their vehicles, and there is also a Junkyard in which players can trash their older vehicles in exchange for a chance to obtain newer, more powerful ones. More elements will be added to the game in the future using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

To get started with World of Freight, players need three simple things: a computer or smartphone that uses Chrome, Firefox, or Brave, a digital wallet, and ETH (digital money). It is necessary to have a digital wallet in order to store ETH, as well as in order to buy or create a World of Freight NFT. The Ethereum token, or ETH, is a form of digital currency that is utilized predominantly on the Ethereum platform. It is instantaneously transferable to individuals via the internet. World of Freight makes use of Smart Contracts to keep an account of who owns which vehicles. This information will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and World of Freight ERC 721 non-fungible tokens will be used to access this information. The players are the single owners of their digital vehicles, and all of the data pertaining to the players’ vehicles is saved in the smart contract, making the game a risk-free and secure experience.

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