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Wombat Dungeon Master

NFT Staking meets NFT Mining in this play-to-earn setup. The Gamified aspects make the setup fun and enticing in the NFT game based on enhancing your riches.

  • WAX

What Is Wombat Dungeon Master?

Wombat Dungeon Master is a unique NFT game that runs on EOS and WAX blockchain. Here you have a dungeon and a team of miners to explore. However, there’s one twist. Players are the dungeon masters as they hide their NFT treasures throughout the dungeon. Then they send out their Wombat team to mine and explore the dungeon. In return, this helps them acquire additional rewards. The game plans on integrating various other blockchains for ease of use.

Essentially, it is a staking game where you use the NFTs that you own. Then you place them in the dungeon and use the in-game’s Wombats. The Wombats will go around digging for the NFTs, and they will also acquire various resources like iron, coal, and uranium.

How To Play?

First, you need to have a collection of NFT to use in the game. After that, you will start playing as the Dungeon Master. You will have a dungeon to set up and hide your NFTs.

The objective is to hide them in a way that the Wombats will take longer to find them. The longer it takes Wombats to find the NFTs, the longer the mining will go for. Therefore, you will acquire more in-game resources and more.

  • Each NFT has a mining power ranging from 1 to 10,000, depending on its value, rarity, and other factors.
  • You will start with a Level 1 Wombat, which can borrow around 10% of the overall mining power of the NFT. As you level up, your Wombat will have more power. For instance, Level 12 wombats can take 21% of the mining power of the NFT.
  • By hiding the NFTs, you give your dungeon and Wombats mining power to mine for other resources available in the game. Thus, you boost the overall resource or crypto collection for the Wombats in the game.
  • By leveling up Wombats, you can make the Wombats use more of the mining power from the hidden NFTs to acquire more resources for each dungeon round.
  • Dungeon mining rounds range. There are 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and a day-long mining expedition. Therefore, you need to make the most out of the mining time you have.

Besides mining, crafting, using items, and such also play a vital role in enhancing your progress in the game.

Tokens In Wombat Dungeon Master

Firstly, you have the NFTs that you stake. Finding them is not essential, but the longer it takes the Wombats to find the NFTs, the longer your mining can last. These NFTs are retrievable within 24 hours if you don’t want to stake them anymore. So, you’re not going to lose them.

Apart from these, there are Reward Points, Packs, and NFTs in the game. You have a 3% chance of coming across a new pack Drop that will contain items and NFTs from the Game.

There are three resources (Tokens) in the game:

  • Uranium
  • Iron
  • Coal

You achieve them by crafting items. These items are NFTs and other equipment you can use to enhance mining power. You can also sell them. It’s unclear what Reward Points will do, but they seem to make up for the crypto token.

The official website, Wombat, does have a $WOMBAT token to offer.

How To Buy Wombat Dungeon Master Tokens?

There isn’t any need for you to purchase the tokens. You can use the NFTs that you own, but you can use the in-game marketplace to get more wombats to do the mining for you.

Wombat Dungeon Master supports most wallets and offers cross-chain compatibility. So, it won’t be challenging for you.

As mentioned above, you can visit their official website to get a $WOMBAT token.

Play In Guild

Wombat Dungeon Master is about staking powerful NFTs to enhance your mining power. You can either lend your precious NFTs or acquire them from scholarships. Balthazar makes the process easy with a friendly community of Wizards (members) that want to build sustainable wealth programs throughout the NFT platform. You can become one of the members today!


Which Blockchain Does Wombat Dungeon Master Use?

Wombat Dungeon Master uses EOS and WAX blockchain-primarily. It plans on becoming cross-chain compatible.

Is Wombat Dungeon Master Available To Play?

You can play Wombat Dungeon Master directly on the official website or download it to play as you go.

Is There Any Point To Playing Wombat Dungeon Master?

You use NFTs to grant yourself Mining powers, Wombats borrow a fraction of that mining power, and they dig for resources. You use these resources to get better items, upgrades, and NFTs that help you earn money. The worth depends on the NFTs that you stake.

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