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Welcome to Balthazar

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Hi, I’m John

And I’m excited to announce a brand new NFT gaming platform like no other. It’s called Balthazar and it’s changing the way investors invest, gamers play and lenders earn, in this new play-to-earn blockchain space.

Play-to-earn is where you can earn real money by playing video games. In fact, the play-to-earn space is so valuable, just one particular game, Axie Infinity, is earning more revenue than any other form of cryptocurrency, behind Ethereum. Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game, generating over US$184 million in the past 30 days and is expected to reach $3 billion in revenue for the year.

The problem

As popularity grew for Axie Infinity, the cost to play the game increased. The game launched in March 2018, and by the end of 2019 it would set you back about US$400 to buy a minimum of three Axies required to play. Now, it costs around US$1200 for a decent team of three Axies.

According to Naavik research, 65-70% of players are in South-East Asia, of which 55% in the Philippines, a further 10% of players are in the USA and the remaining 25-30% are in Europe and Africa.

There is a limit of playing time per day. If you have three Axies you will receive 20 energy, which will allow you to play for about 60-90 minutes. And based on the average price of SLP (Smooth Love Potions, which are tokens earned and traded in the game) over the past six months of US$0.13, players can earn about US$23 per day.

On December 8, 2021, the price of one SLP was less than five US cents, which would yield one-third of the average daily earnings of the past six months above.

The solution

Imagine being able to play Axie Infinity without the initial outlay to buy Axies? It’s possible through guilds like Balthazar. Balthazar invests in Axies and provides a scholarship program for people to borrow Axies to play the game. Earnings are shared between the player – we call them “Wizards” – and the guild.

Since launching two months ago, we have deployed 1,000 Wizards with a further 30,000 on our waitlist, ready to play!

More than a guild

There is huge demand from players who want to join because Balthazar is more than just another guild. We have an incredible community of over 65,000 people in our Discord channel, 15,000 on Twitter and 18,000 on Facebook.

We do things differently because we’re focused on our community. 

Every day we have activities happening such as training, events, webinars and talent shows. We are helping our community succeed, and not just developing their gaming skills. We want to improve financial literacy and help our community learn about investing their crypto.

Our tech is more sophisticated. We’re building a state-of-the-art platform so our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) can be a self-sustaining, wealth-building ecosystem.

Rent to earn

A key feature of Balthazar is our rent-to-earn platform, where people who are holding Axie NFTs can rent them to the guild and we will lend them to our Wizards. We’re building a dashboard to seamlessly allow NFT holders to send their NFTs to Balthazar and monitor their performance.

The impact

In just two short months, we’ve already seen the impact that our guild is having on our community. 

Our Wizards are sharing their stories of how it is changing their lives. Like AJ Mikko, who is providing more for his young family.

Or Eilysha Kaye, who could afford to throw her daughter a birthday party.

As we start to raise capital, we’re on a mission to help more people like Eilysha and AJ unlock new ways of earning and building wealth. We’re creating a platform where investors, lenders and gamers can come together to build a better future.

Check out our website for more information or join the community!


John Stefanidis

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