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An Anime-Styled MMORPG adventure in NFT game with captivating visuals and P2E Mechanics balancing in-game and out-of-the-game assets.

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What Is Ukiyo?

Ukiyo is a Japanese-styled Anime Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game that works as a 2D Side-scroller. The game has all the elements of a Fantasy game where you start as a Novice and journey into an expansive world of Ukiyo. The captivating story and powerful foes will level you up as you can own pets, make friends, and do much more in the ever-growing world.

The map is an open world with various quests for players to progress the story and earn money. Inspired by the traditional MMORPGs, Ukiyo encompasses all the elements like classes, skills, level-up, forming parties or guilds, and exploring the dungeon. You will be free to customize your character and even indulge in PVP events and more.

The fascinating aspects of Ukiyo aren’t just the fast-paced and real-time combat mechanism but also the well-developed, intrinsic, and quintessential graphics, the backgrounds that will work in sync with the story, characters, and more. This will give the Graphic-novel appeal to the entire setting.

How To Play?

  • You will start as a Novice Adventurer and participate in various quests. There will be low-level equipment or supplies and low-level monsters for you to hunt.
  • As you level up, you can do more quests and unlock better capabilities. Eventually, you can choose a class for your character.
  • There are four classes in the game: Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Assassin. You will choose one of the classes and progress with the skill tree.
  • Quests and challenges will be the central part of the game. There will be Main, Party, And Side Quests. Similarly, there will be obstacles, bosses, and Dungeon challenges for players to explore.
  • There are Cosmetic customizations and equipment for you to completely revamp your character.
  • The game also has Achievements and other loyalty-based reward programs to help the players.
  • There are also Gacha mechanisms for Vending Machines for you to draw something lucky or to have rarer cosmetics and equipment.

Tokens In Ukiyo

Ukiyo works with in-game currency, Gold Coins. However, these aren’t crypto or blockchain currency in any way. These are the in-game currency used for in-game items and temporary purchases.

Ukiyo Token: It is the Governance, Payment, and Staking token that will power the blockchain aspects of the game. You can use it in Gacha, get it from quests, and more.

Magical Shards: These are the in-game currency and the cryptocurrency that will power the play-to-earn elements of the game. Magical Shards will be infinite and have a compelling economic infrastructure for it to work optimally.

Apart from these, there are plenty of NFTs in the game. First of all, the characters aren’t inherently NFTs. However, once you get rarer equipment and cosmetics, you can modify your characters. This will turn them into NFTs. Similarly, you could just sell the cosmetics and equipment in the market.

There will be a series of NFT releases. Like for instance, Founder’s Pendant, which works like a Battle Pass or Game Pass system, is popular in various competitive games. Similarly, you have Founder’s Avatars that are profile pictures.

How To Buy Ukiyo Tokens

Ukiyo doesn’t have a developed or built-in marketplace yet. But, there will be a shop and many other additions, like the merchant, possibly in the game.

Similarly, information on Wallets and blockchain isn’t available at the moment.

Play In Guild

Ukiyo is one of the more traditional MMORPG games that brings the Guilds as a native mechanism. You can join and become part of Balthazar in Ukiyo and even expand your presence in Metaverse.

Balthazar brings you an NFT platform that is focused on having fun, but also building wealth in a sustainable manner. You could become a part of the NFT space that will thrive in the Metaverse.


How To Earn Money In Ukiyo?

Ukiyo will have play-to-earn features that will work for players completing Quests and Challenges. There will be PVP, and many other events that will help you earn more rewards.

Is Ukiyo Free To Play?

Ukiyo provides each player with a novice adventurer character. It comes for free. Therefore, the game is free to join and free to play, but with play to earn possibilities. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new classes, abilities, and more.

When Will Ukiyo Release?

Ukiyo is set to release in the first half of 2023 and complete the upgrades, among other implementations by the second half of 2023. The NFT minting and pre-sales will begin in Q3 to Q4 of 2022.

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