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Play, win, and earn in the biggest NFT based cross-chain blockchain action game that takes place on Planet X. Prepare to fight in the battlefield to earn crystals and get a spot in the leaderboards.

Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $162,722
Volume(24h) 107,806
24h % Change 11.81
Circulating Supply 0.00 TRY
Max Supply 200,000,000
Total Supply 200,000,000

What is TryHards?

TryHards is perhaps the most ambitious nft games that brings cross-chain compatibility to test. It encompasses Solana, Binance, Chain Link and Polygon blockchain networks. By using different networks for different requirements (like Polygon for storing NFTs), it reduces the cost of playing the game and many other aspects like Gas Fees.
The game is set on Planet X, where people from four distant factions will fight against each other to reach the top of the Leaderboard. TryHards focuses on being a mobile shooter game but will have various combat utilisations, as well. You can level up your character (Fanatic) and acquire new skills.

How to play

The four factions

There are four factions arriving from different planets to Planet X. These are:

  • Apes
  • Undeads
  • Robots
  • Survivors 


A Fanatic is a character that you will own and play as. There are around twenty different Fanatics to choose from. These all belong to one of the above-given factions. Once you select your character, you will also get to select a weapon they will have.


Just like the characters, there are twenty different weapons for you to choose from. These two combinations (of character selections and weapons) will turn your character into NFT, but that’s not all.


There are different levels of qualities for your Fanatics and weapons:

  • Normal
  • Refined
  • Unique
  • Elite
  • Super
  • Legendary

The starting level will be random and depend on the chance. But let’s just assume you will most likely start with Normal Fanatic and Normal Weapon if you didn’t invest in the game. As such, you can find in-game crystals. These will be acquired by exploring the map and fighting other enemies.

The crystals also share the same level of qualities as the ones mentioned above. By combining three crystals of the same quality, you can level it up to the next quality. For example, combining three refined crystals to turn it into unique. Similarly, you can break down a higher quality crystal into three lower quality ones. For example, breaking down Elite into three unique crystals.

The refinery is where everything related to crystals will take place

Staking – Universe power

Remember that by levelling up your weapons and characters, you will increase your staking power in the game. This staking power is known as the Universe Power. Think of it as a level of power you own overall.

Higher staking power means accumulating better rewards as you move ahead in the game. You get rewards each time you acquire 100 Universe powers. These rewards can then be used to grow stronger or participate in Arena, among other things.


There are currently 10 skills for your character to level up and unlock. However, more will be added as the game continues to progress. These skills will give you an edge in the battles and the game to grow stronger and perform better.

TryHards tokens

The game uses two tokens:

  • $TRY:  This is an ERC-20 MATIC Token, and you will need Matic crypto to cover to Try. For that, you will need QuickSwap. It is the native currency, and there will be 200 million $Try total.
  • $HNR: This one also works as an ERC-20 token and is available in unlimited quantities. It will work on the yield farming method for the Universe Power and other lucrative options with rewards for the players.

How to buy and sell TryHards tokens

The built-in marketplace would be ideal to buy and sell Tryhards. There are plenty of NFTs like characters and skills available for the players. In fact, the game insists that players should first purchase a character before getting into the game. However, you can also create a unique character by using the in-game $TRY.

Join a guild

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Alternatively, if you’re a blockchain veteran in the gaming industry, you can also lend your assets and acquire profitable yields. Together, as Wizards of Balthazar, you thrive in the new world of NFT gaming.


When will TryHards release completely?

The team has managed to follow the roadmap accurately. It will release the Alpha Game in Q1 2022, followed with a full release by the end of Q2 2022. We may see some delays with the reduction in the crypto and blockchain market activities recently.

How can you earn money in TryHards?

Trading NFTs or acquiring Universe Power isn’t the only way to win in Tryhards. You can also participate in Arena or Tournaments and finish various quests to boost your reward pool. This can lead to monetary gains.

Which blockchain does TryHards use?

TryHards primarily works on the Polygon blockchain network but offers cross-chain gameplay with Solana, Binance and Chainlink.

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