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Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition

Tower Conquest: Metaverse is a play-to-earn game developed by SuperGaming.

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Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition NFT game

Tower Conquest: Metaverse is a play-to-earn game developed by SuperGaming. Defeating enemies in this tower defense adventure will gain players rewards, boost your strength, and give you an advantage over other players. Players have the opportunity to compete against gamers from all around the world in this P2P game and fight to destroy one other’s towers.

Tower Conquest requires you to first take over control of your opponent’s tower while watching over and guarding your own building. Keep in mind your best soldiers are on the field if you want to attack your opponents’ towers and succeed. To do this, players must be aware of what each unit is capable of. Next, you should be aware that every battle is built on an energy system. It takes energy to deploy each of your troops, and the more powerful they are, the more energy they will require. There are three game modes in this game: The Campaign, PvP Mode and Wager Mode. Units can be dropped according to their purpose and area of expertise. The tank units are the greatest at taking a great deal of damage so your other soldiers can continue to fight and inflict harm. Support Units, however, help you by slowing down soldiers and mitigating incoming damage. And lastly, Damage Dealers have minimal hit points but the highest DPS.

Along with cards, Tower Conquest: Metaverse also requires various resources for players to be able to play and progress as they fight to level up. There are three main currencies in the game, and each has a different purpose and method of earning. The currency for training your soldiers, competing in arenas, upgrading heroes, and other activities is Essence. Second, competing in the PvP mode is how players gain Crowns. The third is Ethereum, which players may earn at the game’s greatest rank and spend to purchase valuable items like heroes.

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