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TokenLands is an economic P2E simulator that combines the WAX Blockchain and web gameplay.

  • WAX

TokenLands NFT Game

TokenLands is an economic P2E simulator that combines the WAX Blockchain and web gameplay. The game is based on unique collections of NFT cards that include infrastructure facilities, land plots, Avatars, resources, and war-themed NFT cards that immerse players in an exciting struggle for wealth and supremacy. The game’s main utilities include activate sector, stake NFT cards, work (Play2Free), mine, bank, and craft.

TokenLands is set in a world of five competing continents, each divided into NFT sectors. By joining one of the continents, players get numerous opportunities to earn T-coin, the game’s internal currency. The military and economic advantage of every player affects the fate of the whole continent. Players can earn T-coin through staking NFT cards, mining resources, working for free, and making deposits in the Token Lands Bank. They can also engage in a war between the continents, with the victorious continent receiving a week of increased T-coin mining capability.

TokenLands also features a governance system where players can participate in the decision-making process that affects the game’s development. T-coin holders can submit and vote on proposals that range from the addition of new game features to changes in the game’s rules and economics. The governance system encourages community involvement and enables players to have a say in the game’s evolution. Additionally, TokenLands has a robust marketplace where players can trade NFT cards, T-coins, and other in-game assets with other players. The marketplace provides a way for players to monetize their gameplay achievements and acquire the NFT cards they need to progress in the game.

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