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The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is a fantasy Open World RPG with adventures and battles in a virtual 256 km2-long vibrant world. Players can farm for valuable materials, craft unique items, and trade items with other players.

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Price $0.01
Market Cap $63,107,279
Fully Diluted Market Cap $63,107,279
Volume(24h) 624
24h % Change -9.75
Circulating Supply 10,000,000,000.00 MFT
Max Supply 10,000,000,000
Total Supply 10,000,000,000

What is the Six Dragons?

The Six Dragons is one of the most ambitious projects for blockchain gaming. It is an open-world RPG game set in a 3D world. You can customise and create the character and enter the world of The Six Dragons to explore it. The character will level up as you combat different enemies and unlock skills based on the skill tree you choose to progress.
The game has released an Alpha Test which comes with enough locations for you to explore. As it is not the final version, it is open for testing and suggestions. The visuals and graphics will receive significant tweaks before the final release. It operates on the Enjin Blockchain, making it the first game on the network.

How to play?

The game is available in Alpha Test and currently has around six locations with some mystical locations. You will have to return to the respective village (any of those) before you can save the game and exit it. Otherwise, you will lose progress. The game isn’t a complete open-world yet, but it will become so with the initial release.

Different locations have unique weather conditions and monsters (Enemies and NPCs) for you to fight. The game will also add Arenas for PvP battles as it grows into a successful platform. As it is a PC game, you will have to download it. It doesn’t work with the web browser, and everything from designing the character to the marketplace is available in-game.

  • The game has both NFTs and Fungible Tokens. If you die in the game, you will lose all your fungible loot, experience points, and other items. However, the blockchain items (NFTs) will remain secure in your wallet.
  • You will also have to connect an Enjin Wallet to play the game. The game currently works on Ethereum Blockchain but requires an Enjin Wallet regardless of what you choose to do.
  • There are various NPCs for you to interact with. These include merchants, shops, and vendors. There are also portals to take you on a quest to the other part of the world. The portals take you to dungeons.
  • Arena system is also available where you can have a 1v1 match with other players, and the winner takes all the spoils.
  • The game will have plenty of mechanics, from crafting your items to finding blockchain loots in the game. These implementations will keep the game highly rewarding.
The game uses a keyboard and mouse to function in the game. It has first person and third person interactive cameras set up for immersive gaming.

The Six Dragons tokens

The game doesn’t use Enjin Coins for you to work in the game. Currently, it has TSDT (The Six Dragons Token) available in the game. You must purchase them by accessing the in-game marketplace (press the M Key).

Essentially, the marketplace also has the first batch of dragons, which means players can potentially own and raise dragons in the game. There are also lifetime VIP subscription NFTs available. There isn’t any specific value, and it is hard to track the MFT (The Six Dragon Tokens) value. 

How to buy and sell Six Dragons tokens?

Currently, the only way for you is by using OpenSea with a connected wallet or the in-game marketplace. There aren’t any other options available for the users. You can buy and sell these tokens on the same mediums, as well.

Join a guild

The Six Dragons is bound to grow into a massive game due to its unique approach and actual ‘game-like’ appeal for an RPG Adventure game. You can become a member of Balthazar and call yourself a Wizard.

Balthazar is helping its members (Wizards) grow with the highly fruitful NFT gaming platform. It focuses on helping new players by providing them scholarships. Correlatively, the veterans and players with resources get a chance to lend their yields and acquire profit percentage.

Balthazar is working on being your well-rounded wealth-building ecosystem.


When will The Six Dragons release?

The Six Dragons is available on Steam and the official website for you to download. However, it still seems to be in Alpha Test and mainly receiving in-game updates.

Does The Six Dragons focus on play-to-earn?

The Six Dragons focus on rewarding players with NFTs, which they can trade in the marketplace for monetary rewards. However, it is mainly focused on being an entertaining game that doesn’t strongly rely on an earning mechanism. With the focus on the quality of gameplay, you can expect great things with the game.

How to make money on The Six Dragons?

The only way to monetise The Six Dragons is by investing in tokens and crafting or looting items in the game. You don’t necessarily have to ‘pay’ to earn but can play to earn as you continue in the game. There will be specific gas fees and other requirements for you to start earning. The only way to make money is by trading in the marketplace.

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