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The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players Take your creative freedom to the next level & monetize it in the blockchain! Play, Create & Earn!

  • ETH
Price $0.30
Market Cap $626,111,176
Fully Diluted Market Cap $908,314,971
Volume(24h) 43,464,179
24h % Change -0.90
Circulating Supply 2,067,931,926.22 SAND
Max Supply 3,000,000,000
Total Supply 3,000,000,000

What is the Sandbox?

If you’ve heard about Roblox, it will be a little easier to understand The Sandbox. The Sandbox is not a single game but an entire world in the Metaverse. In The Sandbox, players can create their own NFTs, Items, Games, and much more. Then you can sell them off or trade them as you like.

The game has three critical components or features:

  • VoxEdit: It is a graphics-oriented tool to create new items and designs. The players can then trade or sell them on the Marketplace. 
  • Marketplace: It is a well-versed hub for finding various NFTs, LANDs, and much more in the game. The marketplace is full of multiple opportunities. 
  • Game Maker: You can create and provide original games to The Sandbox. As a result, you can earn a lot, too. After all, you can provide in-game items, exclusive items, or charge per play, among other things. 

In short, Sandbox is a digital universe set in the Metaverse. It is what Roblox would be if it were set on the Blockchain mechanism. The Sandbox relies on the Ethereum Blockchain to exist and function. 

Popularity Scale 

If you go by the Dapp Ranking, The Sandbox lands relatively low, even below #600 in the general ranking. For ETH-based service, it is in the top 100s. However, post-2020, The Sandbox has seen significant growth in players. It is becoming popular as a place you can buy LAND in Metaverse. So, you can expect the popularity to skyrocket. 

The Sandbox Tokens 

Primarily, there are two tokens Sandbox operates on:

  • SAND: It is the ERC-20 utility token that works as the in-game currency throughout The Sandbox universe. You can use this currency to buy things from the Marketplace. There is also a limited supply of SAND at 3 billion. So, the value can rise in the future. As it is a governance token, Staking SANDs is also an option. 
  • LAND: The entire Sandbox universe operates on LANDs. There are around 166,464 LANDs available in the game. Players can use LANDs to access the ability to build things. You can build houses and buildings, provide a multiplayer experience, or host and build a game. 

LANDs allow you to access other tokens like ESTATE, GEM, CATALYST, and ASSET. You acquire ESTATE tokens by purchasing property and merging, evolving it. Similarly, CATALYST and GEMs can provide new characteristics to ASSETs. ASSETs are what you create in VoxEdit. 

How To Buy And Sell The Sandbox Tokens

The Sandbox has acquired the best compatibility when it comes down to trading. There are many premium wallets like Binance associated with the game. You can use currencies like USD, Ethereum, and other cryptos to buy the NFTs in the Sandbox Marketplace.

This high-grade flexibility also allows players to list their ASSETs to sell them through different costs. SAND is directly available on various wallets for you to invest in. It currently stands at $2.77.

As there is a limit to the number of LANDs available, many players aim to acquire LANDs and then sell them later at high pricing. 

Play In A Guild

The Sandbox is a highly competitive platform. With limited SANDs and LANDs, things will become quite challenging for a player to sustain themselves alone. That’s where joining and playing with the guilds can prove highly beneficial.

Balthazar Guild is officially available in The Sandbox. The guild often helps new members (also called ‘Wizards’) by providing scholarships. You can receive NFTs and many other resources as a Scholar. Alternatively, it also offers the opportunity for you to rent your NFTs and assets and earn profit.

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