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The Crypto Prophecies

“The Crypto Prophecies” is a zero-sum price prediction game where players compete head-to-head to make a profit.

  • ETH
Price $0.00
Market Cap $95,443
Fully Diluted Market Cap $207,113
Volume(24h) 50,057
24h % Change -1.04
Circulating Supply 115,206,088.00 TCP
Max Supply 250,000,000
Total Supply 240,032,395

The Crypto Prophecies NFT Game

“The Crypto Prophecies” is a zero-sum price prediction game where players compete head-to-head to make a profit. Players can summon NFT Crypto Prophets from different races and kingdoms within the Crypto World, each with unique magical abilities and sources. The game’s core gameplay involves predicting the outcome of trading candlesticks and placing wagers accordingly. The game’s matching engine searches for a suitable opponent, and battles last for a set number of trading candlesticks.

Players can encounter Crypto Prophets of many different species within the Crypto World, including Satoshians, Etherians, Ripptilians, and Tezmanians, among others. Players need to collect a Summoning Orb in order to call forth a Crypto Prophet. These orbs have varying abilities and levels of success in calling forth the most powerful Crypto Prophets. After a Prophet has been called forth, players have the option of picking which Prophet to dispatch into combat and deciding the number of TCP tokens they wish to stake on that Prophet’s victory.

The rules of the Battle Arena in this game require players to make a prediction about the direction in which each trading candlestick will finish, either up or down. Accuracy is the primary element in determining a player’s score, while time pressure plays a significant role in the overall outcome of the game. Because the scoring method of the game is designed in such a way that the winner receives all of the points, the game is considered to be a zero-sum game. “The Crypto Prophecies” is an exciting and difficult game that gives players the opportunity to put their luck and ability to the test by attempting to forecast the price movements of cryptocurrencies in the world market.

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