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Tezotopia is an NFT Game that allows players to have Tezotops to be able to fight against other players and win lootboxes containing prizes such as Unobtanium, Rare Artifacts, and Collectibles. Buy, sell, and collect digital territories and units in this game.

  • Tezos

What is Tezotopia

Tezotopia is an NFT-game that works on the Tezos network. As the name suggests, the game focuses on building and expanding your land acquisition in Tezotopia. You will gather different resources to upgrade or build other things in the game. Correlatively, the game also focuses on the PvP aspects and brings you the opportunity to build units on a strategy and turn-based game. You can focus on just the Land building or PvP aspect of the game. However, if you genuinely want to enjoy the game, it would be best to combine the two.

Tezotopia tokens

There are four different types of resources available in the game.

  • Minerals: This one is responsible for the cost of building anything on your land. There is a fixed rate of 0.5 minerals per hour
  • Energy: The default rate of acquiring energy is 0.75 per hour. Energy is essential to do almost anything in the game. From conducting research, building buildings, to going for combat, everything consumes energy.
  • Unobtanium: This is the rarest material, generated at a 0.0005 per hour rate. It will be the essential material that you can use to strengthen various things in the game.
  • Machinery: You will combine minerals with energy to create machinery. There will be a specific requirement of the machinery resource to build buildings or units. As such, you will have to produce this accordingly.
Each Tezotopia land also comes with unique qualities. It has multipliers that would increase the acquisition of the above-given minerals. For example, a Tezotop with 3x Minerals will produce 0.5 x 3 = 1.5 minerals per hour. Therefore, Tezotops with higher multipliers is invaluable.

Apart from the minerals, you have NFTs.

  • Everything from the Tezotop you own to the units you create is NFTs.
  • There are also many artifacts (NFTs) for you to acquire and use.
  • You can trade these NFTs in the marketplace or Opensea as you deem fit.

How to play Tezotopia?

There is a Map Explorer option that will have the list of all the Tezatops that are available in the game. These are owned by the players. However, you can go to the built-in marketplace or Opensea to purchase your Land.

  • The game works on yield farming mechanisms and the Tezos network. Therefore, you will need a wallet that supports Tezos. The game suggests Kukai or Temple Wallet.
  • After connecting the wallet, you will have to purchase some Tezos. These are for you to buy the land. You will explore the marketplace and get yourself a Tezotop.
  • If you don’t want to buy the land, you can also use resources to build a new Tezatop. You will need 50 energy, 0.50 Unobtanium and 2 artifacts.
  • Once you have land, you can also acquire more artifacts. Artifacts are decorative items for Tezotop that also come with boosters and multipliers for the resources.
  • You will also add more buildings that will add to the overall resource mining and upkeep of the units.
  • For PVP prospects, you can create 20 air and 20 artillery units with 9 unique land units. While the combat system is turn-based, there are unique items known as Gylphstones.
  • Different Gylphstones will have other uses. They work as buffs and boosts for the units. With each 100 XP your units gains, you get a new Gylphstone. You can also buy Gylphstones at the Marketplace.

This is the complete overview of how to play the game.

How to buy and sell Tezatopia tokens

Apart from the Marketplace and the Wallets for Tezatop and other NFTs, you can also purchase the resources. You can buy Unobtanium, Energy, Machinery and such on QuipuSwap. Overall, you have several investment opportunities to purchase these resources and enjoy farm yielding.

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How to earn money in Tezotopia?

Tezotopia will require Tezos for you to invest. You will mainly earn money by selling NFTs on the Marketplace. As many people will have a more challenging time building units and lands, it is a great opportunity. The entire game works on yield farming.

What is Tezotop?

Tezotop is the name of the piece of land NFT that you will own in Tezotopia. Players can hold more than one unit, as well.

When will Tezotopia release?

Tezotopia was released in September 2021 with Beta mode. Later, it received significant releases in October and December 2021. Therefore, it is available for you to play right now.

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