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TCG World

A multiplayer metaverse where players can own real estate, start a business, trade NFTs, capture creatures, and explore the world. TCG World is a unique P2E NFT Game.

  • Avalanche
  • BSC
  • ETH
  • Polygon

What Is TCG World?

TCG World is short for Trading Card Game World. It is an open-world multiplayer game where you will encounter creatures known as Sprites. You can capture and train them to use them against other Sprites or players that have Sprites.

TCG World also offers real estate and NFT land possibilities to the players. You can build your home, restaurant, and other kinds of constructions. Similarly, you can start your own business. It is genuinely a sandbox-type, open-world game with a little bit of adventure and an original story.

TCG World allows players to turn anything in-game into NFTs, including art and more. You can offer various services in the game. TCG World claims to be a Metaverse where people can come together and socialise, offer services, battle, play games, and more. It also hints at the possibility of people building their own game, renting their assets, and more.

Overall, TCG World is an open-ended world shaped by the players on it.

How To Play?

You will need TCG Coin 2.0 to start playing the game. For that, you will have to go to Coinbase, invest in BTC (Bitcoin) and then transfer them to TCG. After that, you can start investing or even play for free as you come across Sprites and other creatures.

  • You will start as a character, and you will have to fight and own a Sprite. There is an option to buy a Sprite from the marketplace if listed by other players.
  • You will travel the world, battle other sprites, and earn TCGCoin 2.0 and other rewards.
  • As you earn or invest more, you can buy the block of land and turn it into anything from a house to an apartment or a restaurant. Thus, you can open your business or rent it out. Do whatever you like.
  • TCG World allows you to turn various things into NFTs, everything in the game is NFT, and you can trade it in the marketplace. This will enable you to make more money.

Tokens In TCG World

The entire TCG World focuses and revolves around TCG Coin 2.0. Players can mine it or earn it by defeating their opponents. However, the game also supports other cryptocurrencies for exchanges to buy in-game items and for listing on the Marketplace (For example, Binance Smart Chain).

Everything in TCG World can turn into an NFT, except your character. Your character is your personification. Apart from that, Sprites, real estate, art, business, and anything in the TCG World’s Metaverse can be NFT. Hence, the name Trading Card Game is to showcase NFTs as cards that you can trade.

How To Buy TCG Tokens

You will have to go to Coinbase and first buy Bitcoin before you can turn it in. It works on BUSD, BNB, and TCG Coin primarily.

There is a built-in Marketplace for you to purchase different assets in the TCG World. You can even buy characters and more there.

Play In Guild

TCG World aims to create a digital (virtual) world where players can come together, hang out and have fun. Unity matters a lot, and that’s what Balthazar aims to build in TCG World. Balthazar is a fast-growing NFT platform with a sustainable wealth-building system and mutually beneficial initiatives.

These range from applying for scholarships to sharing your assets with those who can use them better for profit. You can thrive not only in the TCG World, or Metaverse, but the entire frontier of the NFT space by becoming a Wizard of Balthazar today.


Which Blockchain Does TCG World Use?

TCG is a cross-chain compatible project that uses Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and all others. However, it primarily uses Binance Smart Chain as the baseline for everything. So, you have broad wallet support and much more.

When Will TCG World Release?

TCG World is available for players to join and play. As it uses Unity Engine, it is available for players on any device, including mobile, PC, and more, to play. So, you can go ahead and join it today.

How To Make Money In TCG World?

TCG World focuses around making money in every way possible. You can fight Sprites or other players. There are business opportunities, trading opportunities and more for you to explore. You could also just generate a steady income of TCGCoin2.0 for just playing the game.

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