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Tales From The Wild

Play To Earn, Run To Earn, Read To Earn, Listen To Earn. Tales From The Wild attempts to combine all these aspects in an exciting story with MMORPG-styled NFT Game.

  • ETH
  • Polygon

What Is Tales From The Wild?

Tales From The Wild is a complete Web 3.0 fantasy experience where you come across Welders. The ‘Welders’ is the name of the guild that can contact the Spirits. Spirits come with various elements and archetypes like Animals, Lighting, Legendary, and so on.

Tales From The Wild focuses on being a complete Web 3.0 experience, not just a game. It is already running a story and game on the official Discord server. The data, stats, and more from that server will be transferred to the actual game when it releases for the players and their characters that have participated.

Tales From The Wild doesn’t just focus on being a game but a complete Audiovisual experience on Web 3.0 infrastructure.

How To Play?

There are different ways for people to enjoy the world of Tales From The Wild. There is a story, audio and visual treats, and then the MMORPG game. The world as a whole focuses on various initiatives like Play-to-Earn, Read-To-Earn, Listen-To-Earn, Watch-To-Earn, and Run-To-Earn.

MMORPG Gameplay

The game will take inspiration from the conventional RPG setup. But the story and future updates will rely on how the story is progressed throughout the journey. In the MMORPG, you will:

  • Start as an Apprentice Welder and level up by gaining experience.
  • You will gain experience by completing various stages and quests.
  • There will be bosses, loots, and unique items for you to unlock or craft.
  • The players will also have the opportunity to earn $APE if they have one of the Genesis NFTs while playing.

Tokens In Tales From The Wild

There will be various kinds of tokens and NFTs available in the game:

  • $APE currency for in-game earning potential.
  • Welders NFT and Spirit NFTs. Players will be able to trade Spirit NFTs or unlock new ones.
  • Many Items and Resources will be NFTs as well.

How To Buy The Tokens?

You can visit the official website to mint the Genesis NFT. It will ask you to connect MetaMask, Coinbase, or Walletconnect wallets. After that, you can mint the original NFT.

The NFTs are and will be available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for anyone to get their hands on, especially if they missed the previous sales.

However, the NFTs will reveal later. They will just be available for you to acquire.

Play In Guild

Tales From The Wild is going to have two conflicting sides. There are also Old Gods awakening once again. There will be factions and more for people to join. So, if you want to start strong, now is the time. Maybe you missed the NFT sales, but that’s alright.

Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to join it as a member (Wizard) and reap the benefits of various Scholarships or partnerships. If you seek to build a long-lasting and sustainable wealth-building ecosystem for Metaverse, Balthazar is the premium NFT platform for you.


Which Blockchain Does Tales From The Wild Use?

The entire Tales From The Wild setup will utilise two different blockchains. Thus, incorporating cross-chain compatibility. They will primarily use Ethereum for storing assets and NFTs. Meanwhile, the Polygon blockchain will work for the other implementations like transfers, earning, and more to keep things smooth. Both blockchains are under heavy work and incorporation currently.

When Will Tales From The Wild Release?

The game is officially available on Discord. You can join and participate in the overall story. The data that you acquire there will then will be transferred to the original game once it is available to play. Till then, everyone is participating in building a rich story and intriguing world.

Is Tales From The Wild More Than A Game?

The team behind Tales From The Wild seeks to turn it into as big as the Next Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. Therefore, the team plans on releasing other materials like comics, videos, TV shows, and more. There will be a complete Web 3 experience, so we can expect Augmented Reality and much more in the making.

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