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Sunflower Farmers

Farm, collect, and earn SFL through mining gold and planting seeds in this NFT & Crypto-Farming Game on Polygon. Explore the Sunflower Land to get a chance to discover resources and rare items.

  • Polygon
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,449,517
Volume(24h) 6
24h % Change -0.68
Circulating Supply 0.00 SFF
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,088,020

What is Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm is a traditional NFT-game in the aspect that you craft and mine in the game. It is a simple, click-based game that focuses on your farm. As a Farm Land owner, you buy and grow crops. These crops are Sunflower, Pumpkins, Potatoes and such. You will have to upgrade different buildings, acquire more space for crops, and mine areas, including stones and rocks, to progress in the game.

The game is on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain network. Often, it is dubbed as such a popular game that it almost broke Polygon. Not literally, but in aspects that it slowed down transactions and increased gas fees a lot during its launching month. Sunflower Farmers was released in December 2021.

After the first successful run, the developers decided to rework the project and named it ‘Sunflower Land.’ The entire mechanism is similar, but it is bound to have better tokenomics and features.

How to play

First, you will have to download and access the MetaMask wallet. Then, you will connect Metamask to the Polygon Network. The game requires you to have $MATIC in the wallet to play the game. It has a minimum fee, and you can begin by owning just $1 worth of MATIC in most cases. Unless the price fluctuates too much.

  • After finishing up, you will click on Beta and connect through Discord Account to the game. It will provide you with the FarmLand.
  • The entire game works on generating SFL and gathering other resources to create items or upgrades.
  • Acquiring SFL is easy. All you need to do is buy some crops, grow them, then sell them. You will then continue this chain by purchasing more seeds, growing crops and selling them. Eventually, as you upgrade the farm, you will have more land to plant crops, increasing the SFL mining.
  • Another aspect of the game is creating items. These items are the axe, pickaxe, statues, scarecrows and many other additions. You will have various resource requirements like 100 Woods, 100 Stones, and 100 SFL to mint these items.
As the game is in Beta Mode, more additions will arrive as the game progresses. From the addition of scarecrows to scare off crows, one could assure there will be growth. Eventually, PvE, or even PvP elements, keep the game interesting. For now, it is a straightforward crypto mining game.

Sunflower Farm tokens

The game has a single SFL (Sunflower Land) token for you to use. Other things, like the Farm, Seeds, Crops, and Items, are NFTs. Therefore, you can buy and sell these NFTs on platforms like Opensea.

Developers are also working on adding various rare and limited items to boost the value of the NFTs. These include decorations like Farm Cat, Gnome, Sunflower Cake and boosters like Chicken Coop, Scarecrow, and others. These will keep the game interesting.

For SFL, you will need MetaMask, and it is also available on listings as SFF. So, you can keep track of its value, as well.

Cost-reduction aspects

The developers aim to bring an infinite supply of resources and SFL, but it would depend on the players. As the tokens increase in the game, their value will decrease. The circulation will make it so that things will get cheaper as more SFL comes under circulation.

Basically, the game works on the scarcity module and is trying to copy the mechanism of real-world economics. The game also uses the famous ‘Burn’ method for you to mint the NFTs.

Join a guild

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Is Sunflower Farm worth playing?

The game itself is straightforward. It is not as interesting with RPG or Adventure elements. Mostly, it is a clickbait game or a click to play game. You will mostly just click various buildings, crops and items, and then click more to upgrade them. So, while it is not an immersive gaming experience, it is excellent for earning.

How can you earn Sunflower Farm?

You will plant seeds, grow them into crops and then trade them with the merchants at the shop. That’s how you will generate SFL and then turn it into real money. However, having a single account might not be enough. If you get at least three accounts in Sunflower Farmers, you will witness sustainable growth.

Are Sunflower Farm and sunflower land different?

Both are the same, just with a name change. Sunflower Farm is working on improving itself, and as it is growing worldwide, it decided to become Sunflower Land. This could also hint that it will introduce some form of Land NFTs (like its Farms) in the future with Metaverse.

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