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A lifestyle, fitness-related GameFi app available in the NFT Space and Metaverse. StepN is changing the Metaverse’s gamification and welcoming new members that don’t know about Crypto or NFT games.

  • BSC
  • Solana
Price $0.16
Market Cap $187,316,187
Fully Diluted Market Cap $846,991,726
Volume(24h) 13,688,538
24h % Change 0.83
Circulating Supply 1,195,371,663.20 GMT
Total Supply 5,405,138,353

What Is StepN?

StepN is the first-of-its-kind app on the NFT GameFi space that combines the social, gaming, and lifestyle aspects in a single app. Instead of the typical Play-to-Earn setup, the game works on Run-To-Run. You can also walk or jog to earn, as well.

The Gamification aspect allows users to collect Sneaker NFTs, level up themselves, and repair or mint new Sneaker NFTs, among other things. Meanwhile, it has a complete Social hub for people to hang out and interact with. Finally, the GameFi aspects are about earning tokens by walking and fishing daily goals and milestones.

How To Play?

  • First, you will have to download the STEPN app. It is available on AppStore and Google PlayStore for the users.
  • Next, you will sign up by providing an email. It is almost like using any regular app.
  • There is an option to create a Wallet. The wallet is a built-in feature in the app. You don’t have to connect the pre-existing wallets, either.
  • The app runs on Solana Blockchain, so you must invest in SOLs. You will need enough SOLs to buy NFT Sneakers from the Marketplace. Some extra for the gas fee, as well.
  • If you can’t afford the NFT Sneakers, you can also get them on a lease from the owner and share the profits.
  • The game uses an energy bar, and 25% of energy is recovered every 6 hours.

The Solo Mode is available for players currently. You will wear the Sneaker NFTs and keep the GPS active. There are many features to also prevent cheating, like Moonwalking. You will earn Green Satoshi Token (GST) as you indulge in the activity. The rate of earning is a fixed amount per minute.

This amount can be enhanced by several factors:

  • The level, quality, and type of Sneakers.
  • Activity time.
  • Keeping the walk or job under the pace requirement. If you are above or below the required pace of the Sneakers, your GST earning will be impacted negatively.

Once you reach level 30, you can decide if you want to earn GMT from Sneakers or keep earning GST. There are also Mystery Boxes in the game that the player could randomly find.

StepN Tokens

StepN supports Solana and Binance Smart Chain. However, it has two built-in Tokens.

  • GMT (Green Metaverse Token): It is the DAO governance token that will be available for players to earn separately. You can use it to mint Sneakers, level them up and more.
  • GST (Green Satoshi Token): The in-game currency and the primary token you will earn, use and monetise.

Sneaker NTFs

Sneaker NFTs are the only known NFTs in the game that you can purchase, or trade in the marketplace.

There are four types of Sneaker NFTs:

  1. Walker
  2. Jogger
  3. Runner Trainer

There are also different rarities: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Epic > Legendary.

Each Sneaker NFT has certain milestone levels. Upon reaching them, you unlock new abilities or multipliers.

How To Buy StepN Tokens?

The built-in wallet and Marketplace are available for you to get SOL. You will need SOL to purchase the Sneaker NFT. If you have someone leashing out the Sneaker NFTs, you can get them on a 30-70% split partnership.

Play In Guild

If you’ve missed the chance to get premium Sneaker NFTs and seek to grow fast in the StepN universe, you can join Balthazar. As an NFT Platform, Balthazar is working on empowering its members and building a long-term and sustainable wealth building infrastructure throughout the NFT Space and Metaverse.


How Do You Earn Money In StepN?

First, you need to buy the Sneaker NFTs and start replenishing the energy. Once you have enough energy, you can enter the Running, Walking, or Jogging mode and ensure your GPS is active. You will earn GST per minute of activity. The amount relies on the quality and level of Sneakers, among other things. You can exchange GST, NFT Sneakers and GMT for money.

Does StepN Use A Decentralized Wallet?

StepN comes with a built-in decentralised wallet that makes Swapping easy for you. It supports Solana and Binance Smart Blockchain. So, you will similarly liquidate your funds. There’s no need for any other wallet.

When Will StepN Be Available To Play?

StepN is already available to play, and you can download it to start today. New modes like Marathon and Background are under development and will be available soon. The roadmap still has a lot to offer.

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