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Stella Fantasy

Anime RPG With 20+ characters to unlock as NFT. The P2E NFT Game from Ring Games of South Korea is set up. Learn more about play to earn aspects of the game.

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What Is Stella Fantasy?

The South-Korean company, Ring Game, is entering the realm of NFT games. With acknowledgement of the NFT changing the face of the gaming industry, they are bringing an ARPG (Anime Role Playing Game) to the table.

Stella Fantasy is an ARPG with 20 characters available for players to unlock. There is a crafting system for players to create unique items and weapons. You will also have the freedom to customise characters and have unique NFTs.

Abyss Rift, made up of Mana, takes the central space, and so do the NFT lands in the game that generates passive income.

How To Play?

The game is under development and will offer real-time combat mechanisms. It will have active gameplay that will rely on the player’s skills. With the RPG elements, you can level up your characters and unlock new abilities and passives. This will also boost the stats. The game has different modes like PvE, PvP, Tournaments, and more.

The game has four different methods of playing, and a player can use all four:

  • Exploring Abyss Rift: Embark on an adventure in the Abyss Rift made up of mana. Fight against monsters, and collect SFTYs and Manarings to level up and progress in the game. You can also come across mystery boxes.
  • Owning Private Land: There are NFT lands available in the West Veranian Kingdom (Story is set in). Players can own these lands and build on them to accumulate passive income.
  • Crafting: By collecting materials and rare items, you can craft unique characters, items, armours, and more. Then turn them into NFTs or use them as a way to power up and thrive in the Stella Fantasy World.
  • Trading: Marketplace will be available for players to list NFTs, trade them, and do whatever they like.

Stella Fantasy Tokens

There are two tokens that Stella Fantasy will introduce:

  • SFTY: SFTY is the governance token and the DAO of the game that you will earn by finishing certain quests and missions over time.
  • Manaring: The in-game currency that will enable you to buy items, equipment and more. You can even use it to purchase characters.

NFTs In Stella Fantasy

Each player will start with three basic characters. These are not the NFTs, and you can’t turn them into NFTs. However, there are 20 premium characters that will be available for players to purchase from the Marketplace or unlock in the game.

These characters will have unique levels, traits, and rarity levels. Something common in the NFT game projects. Ergo, you can trade them in the marketplace.

How To Buy Tokens

The information on how to buy Tokens is currently unavailable.

The in-game Marketplace is under development.

As the game has NFTs, they will be available in Secondary Marketplaces like OpenSea, eventually.

Play In Guild

Almost every RPG game requires a party that has different combat roles like Defense, Offense, and Support. The character system in Stella Fantasy will also work on a similar approach.

So, if you want to thrive in an Anime RPG game, it is time for you to become a part of the guild. Balthazar is a fast-growing NFT platform that is successfully managing to create wealth-building systems throughout the NFT space.

You can apply for scholarships or share your NFT assets as the Wizard of Balthazar. So come and increase the lucrative prospects by joining a guild.


Which Blockchain Will Stella Fantasy Use?

The information on the blockchain is currently unavailable. The game is under development. To keep up with the up to date information, you could visit their Discord or Twitter channels to learn more.

When Will Stella Fantasy Launch?

According to the Roadmap, Stella Fantasy should launch anywhere in July with pre-sales and other events in the line. However, it could get delayed due to the recent market status. There isn’t much information available, and the whitepaper is unclear. So, it could take until the end of 2022.

Can You Play To Earn In Stella Fantasy?

The game is going to focus on earning SFTY and Manaring tokens. There will be NFTs in the form of characters and items. So, it should offer enough options for you to monetise our gains. Therefore, you can play to earn in Stella Fantasy.

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