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Star Atlas

  • Solana
Price $0.00
Market Cap $14,343,068
Fully Diluted Market Cap $52,670,780
Volume(24h) 791,845
24h % Change -1.83
Circulating Supply 9,803,356,511.00 ATLAS
Max Supply 36,000,000,000
Total Supply 36,000,000,000

What is Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a futuristic sci-fi game set in the year 2620. It is a virtual game that is a part of the Metaverse. There are three factions that are competing against each other for dominion in the world of Star Atlas. Players get to choose and become a member of one of these factions.

The game utilises Unreal Engine 5, so it will offer an immersive and real-time experience to the players. Therefore, you can expect the graphics and visuals to match some of the top-tier games in the world. It also focuses on Solana Blockchain, making it one of the fastest blockchain games with NFTs.

However, the game is set to release in 2022. It hasn’t been released yet.

How to play

Star Atlas primarily incorporates the open-world and free-roaming elements. Therefore, you can explore the world from planets to space stations and meet new people. You can also embark on a journey to deep space, where you can claim territories or mine for assets. Essentially, the game has different modes available for you to play, which makes it quite an enticing platform:

  • Grand Strategy: As you can guess from the name, it is about strategising the faction you become a part of. You will be one of the folks responsible for decisions of the factions, logistics, setting routes, advising and such.
  • Exploration: You can build or buy a ship, prepare a crew, and explore deep space. It comes with a set of dangers and various lucrative rewards for you. You can use VR headsets for an immersive experience of the flight simulators, as well.
  • Role-Play: There are numerous RPG elements, from building the characters to trading materials, taking different roles, etc.

There are many other mini-games like flight simulations that make Start Atlas appealing to the players. You don’t have to stick to any single mode, either. The modes are changeable, and you can participate in everything.

Star Atlas tokens

There are two in-game tokens available for the players:

  • ATLAS: This is the in-game currency that will allow you to do everything in the game. From buying and building ships to getting weapons, crews and fuels, everything relies on ATLAS. You can convert ATLAS into real money or NFTs available in the game.
  • POLIS: This is the governance token in the game. It will help you expand the Fraction and your overall influence in the game. From the out-of-the-game developments for the game to in-game advancements like setting new rules and regulations, all could be bargained through POLIS acquisition.

Best feature of STAR ATLAS – ECONOMICS

The developers have done an incredible job in bringing economics to the game. It copies the real-world counterpart into the virtual world. You will have to spend on everything from clothes to ships and weapons. There is fuel and many other assets in the game that you will need. As such, financial management becomes pivotal.

Furthermore, any large-scale impact in-game will affect the economy. For instance, the advancements of factions, the take-over of any planet, destruction of resources, and much more.

How to buy and sell Star Atlas tokens

The game strongly works on providing everything at NFTs. Therefore, upon its release and another mechanism improvement, you will be able to trade NFTs and tokens in various places. It has an in-game marketplace and merchants for you to trade NFTs.

In the future, there will be a possible availability on OpenSea. However, nothing can be said as the game is still under development.

Yet. ATLAS is available for you to purchase on the most prominent platforms. The value is around 0.02$ per unit during the writing of this article.

Play in a guild

Star Atlas is about joining a faction and spreading influence, aka dominion. It would benefit you greatly to join a Guild. Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to become a Wizard (member) of the guild. You can earn lucrative scholarships or lend your assets to make a profit even without playing the games. Become the most influential personality in Star Atlas and many other games by joining Balthazar.


Is Star Atlas playable yet?

No. Star Atlas is set to release sometime in 2022 on the PC. It uses Unreal Engine 5. Therefore, you will need a high-specification system to play it. There will be Beta Phase (Phase 4) for the players to enjoy after the game’s release.

What is a good Star Atlas?

There’s no such thing as a Good Start Atlas. There are three factions in the game. One is for humans, another is aliens, and the third one is sentient androids. You can choose to be a part of any of these. You will also have safe zones in the game where players can interact.

How much does it cost to play Star Atlas?

It won’t cost much for players to start playing. In fact, it will be a free-to-play game that you can begin enjoying immediately. Through in-game exploitations, you will earn ATLAS to use. However, wallet options will also be available to invest real money.

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