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An extreme sports NFT game that focuses on free-to-play and play-to-earn aspects through Skateboarding. SkateX NFT sale is live now.

  • Solana

What Is SkateX?

SkateX is the new era of extreme sports gaming in the Web 3 revolution that combines multiplayer and social aspects. The gamified NFT project brings free-to-play and play-to-earn incentives with collectible NFTs that offer elaborative skateboard designs, street wearables, and more.

At its core, SkateX aims to be an action-packed game where players can perform various tricks. Unlocking new tricks and acquiring sponsorship will be integral to reach the top. Daily, Weekly, and monthly challenges will provide better incentives. If not for the competitive side, SkateX will also combine social hangouts and hubs for players to have casual gameplay.

The game will have a Meta-City for players to explore and Skate Parks to hang out or have tricks. There will be a board showcase and NFT trading platform, all available for the players. Apart from the graphics-oriented skateboards, there will be wearables and more items added as NFTs for customization and personalization in the game.

How To Play?

SkateX is a free-to-play game. You will start with a free board that you can use to participate in various competitions. You can finish the challenges and collect more rewards or reign at the top in each competition. Then you can use these to upgrade your board and turn it into a one-of-a-kind. As you move ahead, you can unlock more and better tricks. There will be in-game sponsors to secure as well. If the game becomes popular, there could also be real-world sponsorship tie-up opportunities with giant companies.

  • SkateX is skill-oriented and will be set in an open-world Meta-City.
  • You will start and build your avatar.
  • You can then join the lobby and start competing.
  • There will be crew and socialization systems for the player.
  • The game will have PVP and PVE modes for players to explore.
  • The cycle is like this: Free Skate > Compete > Collect > Upgrade > Unlock Tricks & Sponsors > Compete (Repeat).

There will be NFT play, skate or crew competitions, challenges, tournaments, and sponsorships on the gameplay side.

For Metaverse activities, you can customize your gear, character, skateboard, join the lobby, and more. The game will enable NFT marketplace and even user-generated content.

SkateX Tokens

Primarily, SkateX offers NFTs that are similar to any other NFT project. They are digital arts that have awesome visual designs and graphic modifications. So, these tokens are also available for collectors or for players to use in the game.

  • There will be NFT Skateboards divided into various categories like standard, longboard, wood, silver, gold, and so. There will be multiple traits like rockets, better braces, and other complete designs.
  • There will also be Streetwear, aka the jackets, shirts, hats, and more, for you to customize your character. These will be NFTs too.
  • More NFTs will keep adding as the game thrives.

Currently, there isn’t much information available on the Token or Token System. So far, we could assume that the game will focus on just NFTs.

How To Buy SkateX Tokens

There will be many ways for players to acquire their NFTs. You can become part of the events. The team will:

  • Provide Discord events for engaging players to reward them.
  • Airdrops will be provided to the SkateX holders for better opportunities.
  • In-game events will be available for players to explore and thrive.
  • Community-oriented, player-based events could also be a thing.

Currently, you can buy SkateX tokens on Magic Den and Fractal

Play In Guild

Socialization and forming a crew would be pivotal to thrive in SkateX World. Balthazar brings you a golden opportunity to become a Wizard. As a Wizard, you will be a member of the highly-sustainable community and guild that focuses on building wealth on everything related to NFT and Metaverse. You can unlock several opportunities through scholarships or by lending your assets today.


When Will SkateX Game Be Available To Play?

The SkateX NFT project is on-time and has worked on the commitments. According to the roadmap, the game will be available in Q3 2022 for players to enjoy. After that, it will receive more updates to keep players in the loop.

Which Blockchain Does SkateX Plans On Using?

SkateX is using Solana blockchain and the power of Unity technology to ensure the best experience for the players. Although Ethereum could have been better, Solana is a choice for gamers and game developers.

How Will You Earn Money In SkateX?

The primary method to earn money will be by trading the NFTs that you will acquire. You can upgrade the skateboard and more, so new players could be looking for some rare NFTs or better boards to start with instead of the free one. SkateX is working on being a sustainable NFT project, other than the gameplay.

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