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Sidus Heroes

SIDUS HEROES is a unique and exciting game that offers something for everyone.

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Price $0.00
Market Cap $6,672,106
Fully Diluted Market Cap $28,731,939
Volume(24h) 501,387
24h % Change -4.46
Circulating Supply 6,966,574,110.69 SIDUS
Max Supply 30,000,000,000
Total Supply 29,609,085,841

Sidus Heroes NFT Game

SIDUS HEROES is a unique and exciting game that offers something for everyone. The game’s success and quality are guaranteed by a team of experts in blockchain, DeFi, game development, and NFT art, who have come together to launch the first-ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT, and RPG. SIDUS HEROES is not just a game, but a hybrid network of work, university, and the entertainment industry, providing players with the opportunity to earn real money and make new friends. With endless possibilities offered by WEB 3.0, SIDUS HEROES is a breakthrough in the gaming and financial industry, providing complete immersion in its digital reality.

From action and RPG modes to arcade and strategy, players have the freedom to choose their gameplay style. The central focus of the game is the arena, where teams of three players battle it out for real rewards and valuable resources. Each player can also bring a pet to the battlefield, which helps and boosts their main Hero.

The game revolves around the Heroes, who join teams, complete quests, and go on missions. Every Hero has unique characteristics, statistics, and performs different roles in the team. Players can also engage in the development of their Heroes’ personal indicators, such as leveling up their characteristics and choosing the best weapons and clothes. Additionally, players can adopt pets and explore the vast universe of SIDUS HEROES, traveling between planets, completing tasks, and interacting with other players. Moreover Players can also interact with each other through in-game messaging, joining guilds, and participating in events and competitions.

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