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Side Door Ventures Kicks Off Balthazar’s NFT Management Program with $1 Million in NFTs

3 min read
Splinterlands Side Door Ventures Balthazar Launch

Global Venture Capital firm, Side Door Ventures, has kicked off Balthazar’s new NFT management program, with $1 million of Splinterlands NFT assets.

The VC, which is one of Balthazar’s backers in its Token Sale, has enlisted Balthazar to manage its 1.3 million Splinterlands NFTs to be used by its Wizards through its scholarship program.

“Balthazar is bringing innovation to the play-to-earn space like no other DAO in the world,” said JJ MacLean, Partner at Side Door Ventures. “Its streamlined system allows us to plug in our NFTs and watch them return a yield. We see huge potential in this space and we’re excited to be part of Balthazar’s journey.”

To celebrate the launch of the NFT management program, Balthazar has teamed up with Splinterlands for the biggest card opening event in Splinterlands’ history.

On March 17, 2022 at 1pm UTC, Balthazar’s Chief Gaming Officer Nicholas ‘NicoThePico’ Korsgård and Splinterlands’ Jared ‘Bulldog’ Grubbs will co-host the two-hour livestream where they will unbox the 1.3 million cards in 260,000 card packs.

Balthazar is also giving away 3,000 Splinterlands scholarships as well as announcing a long-term scholar incentive program, where every signed up Wizard will receive US$100 worth of Balthazar tokens – a total value of US$300,000.

The NFT management program is the first of its kind that we are aware of, which allows NFT holders to earn a yield from their assets. NFT holders connect their NFTs with Balthazar’s platform and Balthazar then assigns the NFTs to Wizards to deploy in games. Yields can be monitored and tracked through Balthazar’s dashboard.

Balthazar is working on building out this program with more assets and games in the coming months.

Balthazar is hiring! Check out our careers page for job openings or get in touch if you want in.

About Balthazar:

Balthazar is a scholar-driven NFT (non-fungible token) gaming platform for the metaverse. It’s one of the first in Australia. Balthazar aims to be the largest Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) in the play-to-earn space. It’s a community-focused guild for gamers to access play-to-earn games with no upfront cost, supporting a fun and competitive team of players. It also offers a rent-to-earn feature where NFTs can be rented to Balthazar for the scholars to use in games. Balthazar supports the guild through social networks, educational resources, and training and development around game play and learning cryptocurrency investment.

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