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World first: Balthazar’s scholar long term incentive program.

Scholars receive US$100.

Balthazar’s long-term scholar incentive program has been designed to provide our scholars with skin in the game, allowing them to gain exposure to Balthazar’s long term success. Every Balthazar Wizard in our scholarship program, new and existing, will receive US$100 worth of Balthazar tokens.

These tokens will vest after twelve months, which will encourage and reward long term participation and value creation in our ecosystem.

We hope this world-first incentive program will show our appreciation and provide our Wizards the opportunity to be rewarded for their dedication and commitment to our Balthazar family.

How to join team Balthazar.

Earn a sustainable income with a Balthazar scholarship.

Sign up through app

Apply for a scholarship with the link to our brand new scholar onboarding portal!

Join our discord

Join our discord and become a parto f our Balthazar community where we share ideas and help our scholars upskill to earn more.

Receive tokens

Play in the scholarship program for 12 months and receive your US$100 worth of Balthazar tokens.

Any questions?

When do I get my LTI tokens?

Scholars will received their LTI tokens 12 months from the date they begin their scholarship journey. This is a token of appreciation to our loyal community members.

How do I know that I will receive the LTI tokens?

Scholars will have an image that represents their Balthazar LTI token in their dashboard with an indication of when it can be claimed.