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Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong is a play-to-earn game that offers a never-before-seen basketball experience. Rumble Kongs are unique NFTs that will be avatars to play in the league video game.

  • ETH

What is Rumble Kong League?

Rumble Kong League is currently a collection of around 10,000 unique NFTs available in the Metaverse Sports League. The project takes inspiration from NBA Top Shot, Bored Apes, Women Of World and other similar NFT projects. However, the Rumble Kong NFTs will be available as playable characters in the game.
The Rumble Kong League Game will offer an immersive 3D experience as a basketball simulation game. It will be a sports-oriented game with a basketball theme set in the Metaverse where time doesn’t matter. The game simulation will be appealing in the 3D display and rely on various attributes of Rumble Kong, algorithm-driven automated gameplay, and boosters. These boosters will be randomly acquired during the game for you to choose and play.

How to play

First, you will need to connect to the Wallet. You will also need to have 3 Rumble Kong NFTs (Players) in your team. It is a 3v3 basketball game. Therefore, you will have to purchase them from a secondary marketplace like OpenSea.

  • Each Rumble Kong NFT has specific traits and attributes. These traits and attributes don’t outright surpass those with lower trailers. The algorithm of the game makes things fair for every participant. So, even a lower value Rumble Kong can win against high-level Kong by the underdog rule.
  • Similarly, there are consumables that will grant temporary start boosts. Each Rumble Kong also has specific boosters. Players can select them (from their Rumble Kong) before the start of a round to boost the winning probability.
  • Each Rumble Kong has a name according to its mint number. There is 10,000 first generation (Genesis) Rumble Kongs. However, users will be able to import NFTs from other universes and ecosystems. The Rumble Kong infrastructure will assign them the attributes, traits, and Kong NFT upon getting imported.
  • Apart from external collection, there will be a Rookie Season feature which will make it easier for players to mint new generations of Rumble Kong NFTs. Big brands will also have an opportunity to join the Rumble Kong League if they desire.

Rumble Kong League tokens

There won’t be any governance token in the game. The owners of Kong NFTs will be the stakeholders in the game. However, there will be an ERC-20 token in the future. Currently, there isn’t any information available, and the Rumble Kong League is operating on Ethereum Blockchain. The purchase of Kongs is also available with Ethereum on the exchanges and marketplace.

Rumble Kong clubs

The players at Rumble Kong League will have an opportunity to purchase Clubs. These clubs will present an opportunity to create a Metaverse Basketball Brand or Team. You will receive various lucrative offers, from sponsorships to merchandising. Ergo, you can design multiple NFTs like T-shirts and other gear to sell in the marketplace.

Rumble Kong Leagues

Leagues make the game exciting and add a fun aspect to the game. Players can access a better reward pool if they grow in the league. There will be different leagues like Competitive Leagues, Non-Competitive, and Tournaments. Each one will have specific rules and aspects that will keep them interesting.

Join a guild

All 10,000 NFTs of Genesis Drop are already sold off. They are now available at OpenSea and other similar platforms to purchase. However, their cost is relatively high, and if you’re a new player in NFT games, it would feel impossible to join the Rumble Kong League. But that’s not true.

Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to join as a member and become a Wizard. You can potentially acquire scholarships that will grant access to not just Rumble Kong but many other games.

Balthazar is a fast-growing NFT platform that is working on creating a wealth-building ecosystem in NFT, blockchain and Metaverse games. You can also lend your assets and receive ideal returns to make profits.


When will Rumble Kong League release?

The NFT drop has already taken place, but the game is supposed to release somewhere in 2022. There isn’t any fixed month yet. The game is still under development and could take until Q3 or Q4 to release. It could even be released in Q1 or 2023.

How can you earn in Rumble Kong League?

Rumble Kong League aims to become an enthralling part of the Metaverse Sports Universe. If you got your hands on NFTs or found a way to import NFTs, you’re looking at a very popular platform to accumulate fans and grow into a Metaverse Sports Brand.

How much does Rumble Kong NFT cost?

During the date of writing (March 2022), a Rumble Kong NFT costs around 1.5 ETH on average.

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