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Rollercoin is a virtual, play to earn Bitcoin Mining simulation game.

  • BTC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $4,167
Fully Diluted Market Cap $0
Volume(24h) -
24h % Change 0.00
Circulating Supply 11,867,252.64 RLT
Total Supply 11,867,976

Rollercoin NFT Game

Rollercoin is a virtual, play to earn Bitcoin Mining simulation game. To expand your mining empire, take on challenges, finish quests, carry out tasks, and play games.

Players of RollerCoin sets-up their own mining facilities in which it allows them to mine Bitcoins. Upon registering, players are required to choose and customize their own miner avatars, then after personalizing, then that’s it! Players are now permitted to play. However, players’ profit depends on their NFT miners’ mining capacity, so in order to acquire more income, one must spend relative value.
Another NFT item players should own in their mining facility is the mining equipment, having more high-end equipment provides benefits for users to generate more cryptocurrency earnings. A bitcoin block is distributed to all active participants every ten minutes and the player’s mining power determines how much of a cut they receive. Rollercoin features various game modes in which it can also generate potential income for diligent miners such as side missions, mini-games as well as in-game quests. The game also emphasizes player vs player match in which it allows gamers to battle against real users and gain bonus rewards.

RollerCoins offers three different cryptocurrencies—BTC, Doge, and Ethereum—can be mined. In addition, Rollertokens, an ERC-20 token that serves as the game’s native token, are mineable. Players are able to trade in-game currencies, Rollertokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so much more on the game’s marketplace. Overall, RollerCoins gives players a variety of options and alternatives which tokens to mine or might as well consider mining or trading all mineable cryptocurrencies.

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