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Puzzles Crusade

Match 3 Puzzle Game meets Strategy games to build an empire. Create a team of 5 heroes in this NFT game with play-to-earn features. Puzzle Crusade is bringing many exciting features.

  • Polygon
  • Solana

What Is Puzzle Crusade?

Puzzle Crusade is an RPG that comes with strategy and match 3 combinations. It is available for iOS and Android players with Play-2-Earn and NFT mechanics on the Solana Blockchain. Explore the world, conquer new territories, and battle monsters with your hero team.

Progress your civilization to the next level in the game inspired by titles like Diablo, World Of Warcraft, Empires, And Puzzles. All this with a twist of Metaverse and ownership qualities of the NFT assets. You can play for free, earn money, and more.

Intrinsic designs, fascinating visuals, and exciting and engaging gameplay await you in the world of Puzzle Crusade.

How To Play?

The game combines various features and mechanisms in a single RPG Strategy and Puzzle game.

  • The game focuses on PVE in the Adventure Mode, where you will explore territories, understand the lore, unlock heroes, and more. But, there will also be PVP for more rewards and fun.

  • You will start with a Citadel and Castle. The objective is to grow your empire and create farms and other buildings. Just like a strategy game, you will create your troops, gather resources, and more.

  • During the battle, there will be two sides. The top side will be the enemy, and on the bottom of the screen is you
  • The game works with a puzzle, match-three stones of the same color. Each color represents an element. Once you match 3, it will send the troop with that element towards the opponent. The opponent will also have elements. So, elemental advantages and disadvantages will matter, too
  • During the puzzle round, your heroes will also charge up with unique abilities that you can use. Some abilities are offensive, defense, and supportive, depending on the hero

The battle ends when one side’s troops are entirely annihilated.

Tokens In Puzzle Crusade

Puzzle Crusade is working on incorporating dual currency with all the NFT assets. This is to enrich the experience.

  • $PCOIN: In-game currency that will work as a reward for purchasing almost everything
  • $PUZZLE: The crypto token that will work as a utility and governance
  • NFT Assets: Everything you own and create in the game is an NFT. This includes all the buildings, farms, troops, heroes, and characters

How To Buy Puzzle Crusade Token

You will have to join the official Discord to learn about the latest NFT releases and airdrops. However, the assets can be available on secondary markets or Solana-based markets, where you may purchase them. There isn’t any in-game marketplace yet, but it will be available in the future.

Play In Guild

Puzzle Crusade is a game where you build an empire. And an empire is built in an alliance with other kingdoms. You can now forge new alliances by playing together with the members of the same guild.

Balthazar brings you a highly sustainable community and wealth-building plans to ensure that you earn profitable returns either through scholarship or by lending your NFTs and other resources to others.

You can join as a Wizard of Balthazar and gain access to various potential NFT assets, investments, and more. Don’t let anything stop you from building your kingdom in the Puzzle Crusade with the best heroes.


Which Blockchain Does Puzzle Crusade Use?

Puzzle Crusade uses Solana Blockchain, an excellent choice for game development. Solana Blockchain offers ease of use, scalability, and many other qualities that make it a preferable choice for developers and NFT game projects.

When Will Puzzle Crusade Release?

Puzzle Crusade is set to release a demo by Q3 to Q4 2022. The full version of the game will be available by Q1 or Q2 2023. After that, the game will undergo some modifications, updates, and revamps to be a full-fledged game by the end of 2023, at best. The genesis NFT sale is available.

How To Play And Earn Money In Puzzle Crusade?

Puzzle Crusade will be free to play and come with Adventure mode. You will earn the $PCOIN token for playing the game, which is an in-game currency. Then you can use it to invest in better NFT assets, characters, and heroes. Eventually, you will start earning better to monetize it.

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