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Polychain Islands

Polychain Islands is a turn based web3 game fueled by multi-chain NFTs on the blockchain.

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Price $0.39
Market Cap $1,327,444
Fully Diluted Market Cap $3,568,127
Volume(24h) 68,684
24h % Change 0.16
Circulating Supply 3,410,184.57 PMON
Total Supply 9,166,468

Polychain Islands NFT GAME

Polychain Islands is a turn based web3 game fueled by multi-chain NFTs on the blockchain. For both players and collectors, this immersive gaming and collecting space offers a co-created experience. The game has collectibles called polymons which will then be used to get the in-game tokens. The game is focused on the play to own approach, and each NFT collectibles that players may get can be sold or trade in the games marketplace.

In this game, Players will be training their polymons, they are 3D digital collectibles , singularly lovely animated. On the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Solana blockchains, you can find them in the NFBs (non-fungible boosters). Polymon exist outside of the confines of the game. Make your polymons the best as you sharpen their skills, players can also catch polymons to add it on their own lineups. Polymons will engage in thrilling battles against other trainers, win points , various rewards and tournament invitations for you to climb the game’s leaderboards. Players can collect and strategize their gameplay based on their collections to outplay your opponent and explore the polyverse with friends and partners. With the tournament invitations, players can compete with one of the best polymon trainers in the whole world. Your digital collection expands along with you as you move around the Polyverse.

Polychain Island will provide a new experience and game style to players. With this new game, Players will surely enjoy training and catching other polymons. Build structures, gather resources, and create items for trade in the player-built economy. Catch unique Polymon in the wild, train your group, and get them ready for combat.

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