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Poly World

Poly World is a creature-collecting metaverse where players can collect, fight, trade, train, and evolve Polymons.

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Price $0.12
Market Cap $111,519,603
Fully Diluted Market Cap $120,561,940
Volume(24h) 174,146
24h % Change -1.57
Circulating Supply 924,998,413.00 POLY
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Poly World NFT Game

Poly World is a creature-collecting metaverse where players can collect, fight, trade, train, and evolve Polymons. Polymons are the magical, lovable, sometimes sassy inhabitants of Poly World. The main goal of players in Poly World is to become the best Polymon trainer. Everything in the Poly World are NFTs. Trainers in this metaverse can also own Lands where they can gather resources, build infrastructures like gyms and centers and stake $POLY – the game’s main currency.

The first generation of Poly World features 180 wildly unique Polymons. Each season additional Polymons, locations and events will be minted for fresh content and adventure. A Polymon will start its adventure as a Poly Egg which trainers should hatch using an incubator. Trainers can buy eggs to incubate or all-grown Polymons in the marketplace. Wild Polymons are also available to be caught in the lands of Poly World. In total, there are 18 different Polymon elements. Fire, Water, Grass, Electric types are elemental types to name a few. After hatching, Polymons need to be trained to gain EXP. EXP is needed to level up and evolve them. Evolving Polymons will open up new skills and stat values making them stronger than their previous incarnations. Polymons are blockchain-backed virtual tokens using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs.

In Poly World, the world map is divided into “Lands”. The Poly World Lands can be either game land or player-owned land. Game Land are the uncharted lands owned by the Poly World Company. It makes up about 35% of the available area on the world map. Player-owned lands consisting of 149,729 are ownable and non-Game land in the Poly World metaverse. When trainers own land, they can gather resources. Different types of resources can be obtained from different types of lands. Some of the buildings that players can build are: Store, Polygym, Training center, Poly center, houses and many more.

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