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PolkaCity blockchain game is the world’s first AR multichain social platform and video game.

  • ETH
Price $0.01
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $3,584,119
Volume(24h) 412,262
24h % Change 2.12
Circulating Supply 0.00 POLC
Max Supply 250,000,000

PolkaCity NFT Game

PolkaCity blockchain game is the world’s first AR multichain social platform and video game. This web 3 game aims to unify the elements of virtual assets, blockchain, and a new economy to create market value powered by the world-leading smart contract system – Ethereum. PolkaCity provides original virtual asset owners with access to an opportunity to grant lifetime licenses through the adoption of NFT city assets like taxis, power stations, and utility services. A fixed percentage of the trade price of the NFT created by the virtual asset’s owner will be rewarded. The said trade price is generated because of all the trading of the NFT taking place on the NFT marketplaces. Trading of virtual assets will be intense in the NFT Marketplace when their demand increases. The reason for this is each NFT will only be related to a specific amount of virtual assets tied to the PolkaCity virtual city asset.

$POLC is the main currency for virtual assets tokenization, collection, and trading in the ecosystem. Holders of $POLC are free to participate in PolkaCity’s economy. The more virtual asset owners participating in the ecosystem, the more value will be generated through the Platform for $POLC. PolkaCity is an important aspect of every owner’s life especially when the high demand for virtual assets expands the ecosystem. Virtual Assets in PolkaCity vary from cars, canoes, houses, buildings, racetracks, casinos, mansions, debit cards, credit cards, and many more. These assets can be traded or sold using a web 3 gaming wallet in PolkaCity’s NFT Marketplace or any Ethereum blockchain marketplace.

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