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Play to earn.

Our mission is to empower the biggest community of gamers to create a self-sustaining, wealth-building ecosystem in the metaverse.

NFT games.

Name Chain Category Price Market Cap 24h% change Volume(24h)

Rocket Monsters

Crypto Blades

Polygon MMORPG $1.06 $980,452 -1.43 74,441


RPG $0.00 0.15 19,476


ETH Other $0.06 $13,853,618 -3.01 150,460

Clash of Coins


Ni No Kuni


Otherside BAYC




Rebel Bots Xoil War

Polygon $0.15 0.30 25,931


BSC, Solana $0.43 $259,229,367 -4.29 157,006,998

Stella Fantasy


Tales From The Wild

ETH, Polygon

Boss Fighters




Eternal Dragons




Pirates of the Arrland

ETH, Polygon

Crypto Ball Z




Nest Arcade

Solana $0.00 -3.62 1,723


ETH Card

Noft Games

BSC Card

Puzzles Crusade

Polygon, Solana Card

TCG World

Avalanche, BSC, ETH, Polygon Card





Wombat Dungeon Master


BFK Warzone


Coin Hunt World





BSC $0.00 0.00

Kingdom Clash


Ember Sword

Polygon MMORPG

X World


Zed Run


The Six Dragons

Other RPG $0.01 $55,679,276 1.21 649,259


Tezos Other

Sunflower Farmers

Polygon Lifestyle $0.00 -1.78 29

Sidus Heroes

Other MMORPG $0.00 $11,775,835 2.28 1,474,328

Rumble Kong League


Plant Vs Undead

BSC Other $0.01 $434,891 13.40 16,024






BSC Other $0.52 $95,177,521 0.11 9,518,218

Gods Unchained

ETH Card $0.26 $52,919,071 -1.25 25,587,763

Guild Of Guardians

ETH MOBA $0.07 $27,070,616 -3.14 438,621

Heroes And Empires

BSC RPG $0.00 -0.20 59,231

Fabwelt Arsenal

BSC, Polygon $0.01 $1,784,824 17.51 257,964


Solana MMORPG $0.60 $2,893,765 1.49 33,686

F1 Delta Time





Other $0.01 0.02 639,524

DeFi Kingdoms

Other MMORPG $0.22 $16,186,383 -0.15 142,506

Doctor Who – Worlds Apart



BSC Card $0.00 147.22 28,128




BSC $0.07 -0.58 664


Polygon $0.01 $5,372,484 -3.32 338,546

Bomb Crypto

BSC MMO $0.00 -1.63 513,479


HIVE Card $0.03 $29,004,408 4.64 477,551

Star Atlas

Solana RPG $0.00 $34,381,461 -0.37 1,798,473

Monsta Infinite

BSC Card $0.03 $1,922,218 -2.67 261,471


ETH MMORPG $71.95 $170,100,776 -5.07 24,135,788


Tezos Lifestyle $0.01 $2,463,019 1.44 4,120

Thetan Arena

BSC MOBA $0.08 $8,632,322 2.66 293,222

The Sandbox

ETH Lifestyle $0.69 $1,027,650,880 0.72 246,076,875


Polygon Other $0.01 0.83 7,999

Nine Chronicles

Other Idle, MMORPG $0.00 0.00


Avalanche Idle $0.00 $1,118,723 -1.66 48,379

Axie Infinity

Ronin Card, MMORPG $9.11 $1,053,220,970 -0.22 104,172,448

Play-to-Earn games.

Play games, earn money. It’s as simple as that.

In this day and age, play-to-earn games have changed the way people think of work. Recent developments have given us crypto games that run on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that give players the opportunity to earn money through in-game assets that translate to money in the real world.

At Balthazar, we are dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to experience the business model of blockchain games. Our play-to-earn gaming program empowers a community of gamers looking to earn money while immersing themselves in the metaverse ecosystem.

Thousands of Scholars

At Balthazar, we are proudly giving over 1,500 different scholars worldwide an opportunity to play the games and earn rewards.

A Long Waitlist

Everyone wants to get in on the fun. And even if we won’t have teams available when you sign up, you can join our waitlist of over 5,000 gamers who will all be given the opportunity to start playing and earning with NFT games.

What Are Play to Earn Games?

As the name suggests, play-to-earn games are video games that give players the opportunity to earn rewards and tokens that are worth real money. Sometimes referred to as NFT games, all you have to do is play the game, earn the tokens, and exchange the token for fiat money or store it in your MetaMask wallet.

In this day and age, crypto gaming has taken many different forms. There are tons of different NFT games out there right now, such as Axie Infinity, where players have a team of three Axies or monsters that fight with other Axie players in adventure or arena mode.
Whenever you win a game in Axie Infinity, you are rewarded with Smooth Love Potions, which are a form of cryptocurrency which you can trade-in for fiat money.

But it doesn’t stop there, since other games such as Gods Unchained and Star Atlas have given hundreds of thousands of players worldwide an opportunity to make a livelihood playing fun and cool video games.

How Can I Start Play-to-Earn Games?

To get into play-to-earn games, you will need to make an initial investment.

You can find tons of people selling card packs and other entryways to play to earn games on the crypto market. For example, to start playing Axie Infinity, you need to create a team of three creatures called Axies, which you use to battle other players and the AI to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

While we are in a breakout moment for NFT games, the initial investment to start playing these games and making money from NFT sales is pretty high. And since many players might find this initial investment out of reach, we have found a way to share the joy and rewards with everyone in the community.

At Balthazar, we offer different scholarship programs for countless gamers all around the world. Once you sign up and get approved, you can start getting into different play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity Ember Sword and more.

We make it easy for players to rack up experience points, find extremely rare cards, and discover the joys and possibilities of a wide variety of NFT games out there.

What Is a Play-to-Earn Scholarship?

You don’t always have to invest in an NFT game to start playing. While all the best play-to-earn games out there require and investment, we offer a program that allows you to play without spending money on the NFT game. This is called a scholarship program.

We give our gamers or scholars teams and different NFTs to use in games such as Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained. And in exchange, all we ask for is a percentage of the earnings while the rest go right into the gamer’s multiple wallets.

In this day and age, it isn’t hard to find play-to-earn games that are on par with any other AAA game. And while it might seem impossible for some people to start joining in on the fun and earn rewards for themselves, we present you with that opportunity on a silver platter.

Get Into Play-to-Earn Games With Balthazar

Starting with play to earn games can be hard since it requires an investment that many people in the gaming community can’t afford. But with Balthazar, you can start playing Axie Infinity and other crypto games that use this brand new and innovative business model without having to make an initial investment.

Start With Top-Quality NFTs

Completing quests and rising in the ranks of the virtual world is hard without the right team. At Balthazar, we give all our gamers top-quality non-fungible tokens and teams that make playing the game easy.

Without competitive teams, you can forget about all the rage of not earning a smooth love potion or other digital assets in crypto games.

Discover Multiple Play to Earn Games

We give you the chance to play just about any play to earn a title out there. There are many games that give people the opportunity to earn rewards and in-game assets that you can later trade for real money.

Play-to-earn games and blockchain gaming are everywhere, and all these NFT games have different mechanics. So, regardless of your gaming style or preference, Balthazar can help you start playing your first NFT game before transitioning to other titles in the vast blockchain gaming world.

Learn the Ropes From Experts

On top of our play-to-earn scholarships for different play-to-earn games, we also give you expert advice from the most skilled gamers in the gaming industry.

Whether you’re looking to finish the adventure mode or go into the play-to-earn games arena, where players fight for supremacy and in-game assets, you can get top0tier tips from people who are considered experts in the crypto gaming world.

That way, you won’t have to struggle anymore when learning the ropes of different crypto games.

Track Your Performance

Play-to-earn games are vast. There are many different ways to play the game, and with the growing popularity of titles like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchanged, and Crypto Unicorns, these play-to-earn games are going to grow exponentially. And when that happens, you have to track your performance.

Play-to-earn scholarships are actual work, which is why you need to track your progress as much as possible. With Balthazar, you get a personalised wizard’s profile that contains all your progress and other resources to improve your performance in these play-to-earn games.

Earn Incentives for Good Performances

Play-to-earn games offer new and innovative ways to create virtual economies and virtual worlds. And while the play-to-earn phenomenon grows, gamers and game publishers in the game industry are earning money.

And anyone in Balthazar’s scholarship program who are performing well earns incentives in the form of rare cards, NFT assets, or other tokens that give you an edge over aAxie players and other gamers on these play to earn games.

Join the Community

Our community is full of the best players and gamers in the world of NFT games and play-to-earn games. When you join Balthazar, we give you a ticket into the crypto gaming world and access to a positive community of different gamers who share their winning strategy.

Currently, our social communities are pumping and on the rise on Discord, Facebook, and other social media websites.

Join Our Team Today

Discover the joys of NFT gaming today without investing your own hard-earned money with Balthazar. Join our community of thousands of the best gamers that are earning tons of rewards and gaining financial stability through our scholarship program.

Joining the Balthazar team is very easy, and you can start and finish the entire process on our website!

Fill Out the Application

You can find the application on our website, which is all you need to start the process.

On the application, all you have to put in your location, name, and other personal information to make it easier to contact you. On top of that, we will ask you some basic questions on your play style, whether you play on a phone or PC, as well as your gaming experience.

While we have a simple application process, remember to treat it like a job interview and give us honest and professional answers to all the questions.

Join the Waitlist

Once you submit your application, our gaming experts will analyze your application to determine if you’re the candidate for the job. We are looking for dedicated gamers ready to tear it up in different NFT games and start earning money in the open market.

After our team approves your application, you will be put on our waitlist.

Earn Money While Playing Games

After going through the entire process, we will provide you with your Balthazar log-in information. With your account, you can access all our communities, ask experts for tips, and track your process in the different play to earn games.

At Balthazar, you can join the blockchain-based economy as a scholar, earning money while playing entertaining and invigorating NFT games.

Start With the Best Play-to-Earn Games

The current world of different NFT games is growing by the day. And at Balthazar, we see these as opportunities. So, we don’t just focus on one game for our scholars. We are looking to expand our horizons every day, and that means playing a variety of different games such as;

Axie Infinity

Largely known asthecrypto and play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity is arguably one of the most popular NFT games out there today.

In Axie Infinity, you create a team of three different creatures called Axies, which each have their own set of cards and abilities that they can use when fighting other Axies. You can earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) in the game, which you can then convert into fiat money. Axie Infinity is available on the computer and on Android phones through app stores such as Google Play.

At Balthazar, there is no cost to starting and building your team. We create, breed, and build teams for our scholars, which they can use to make their way through the game and start earning money.

At Balthazar, we want everyone to have a fighting chance in whatever game they’re playing, which is why we make sure to give you a top-quality team of Axies that is ready to take on the community.


Available on both desktop and mobile devices, Splinterlands is an up-and-coming NFT game that aims to take the world by storm.

In the game, the world is divided, and factions battle for blood and power throughout the world. The game is fast-paced, entertaining, and offers hours of fun. But one of the most attractive features of this game is that players can earn on top of playing. In Splinterlands, you can earn, trade, and earn wherever you are, with dense gameplay that never gets boring.

At team Balthazar, we trade, sell, and lease cards and assets in the game to players looking to earn money. When you join our team, you can start playing Splinterlands and a variety of other NFT play-to-earn games without spending any money upfront!

Connect With Us

Our community is constantly growing and ever-active. When you sign up and apply for Balthazar, you are given an account and full access to our game community. The community has beginners, experienced players, experts, and average players looking to find their place in the current metaverse of NFT games.

And on top of our Wizard’s community, we are also incredibly active on social media. Our community grows every day, and you can follow us on a wide variety of different platforms.

We are on Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. To stay tuned and learn more about what’s to come with Balthazar, subscribe and follow our pages!


What Is play-to-earn gaming?

Play-to-earn gaming is the new business model that runs on blockchain technology. These games feature NFTs or non-fungible tokens, as well as an in-game currency that can be exchanged for fiat money. The more you play the game, the more rewards you earn, which you can either store in your crypto wallet or trade for fiat currency.

How do I play to earn?

To start a play-to-earn game, you need to make an initial investment, which can sometimes be pretty high. However, at Balthazar, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience play-to-earn gaming. So, we provide thousands of scholars worldwide with teams and access to the game for free, so they can start playing themselves and earning money without making an initial investment.

How many play to earn games are there?

There are many play-to-earn games out there, and with new games being released left and right, it can be hard to make a definitive list. Popular game developer Sky Mavis developed the most popular NFT game out there, Axie Infinity. However, there are tons of other options rising in popularity today, such as Gods Unchained, Crypto Unicorns, and Splinterlands, that all have the potential to change the landscape as we know it.

How much money can I make from play to earn games?

The money you can earn with these games depends on a number of factors. For one, it depends on how good you are at playing. To earn rewards in the game, you need to put in the time and effort. This means completing different quests, defeating players, and immersing yourself in the game and its world. The more you play, the more you can earn. However, the amount you earn also largely depends on the market rates. Since crypto is very volatile, gamers also need to figure out the best time to trade their currency for fiat money to make the largest possible gains. With that said, players of Axie Infinity can make up to 75-300 SLP per day, which is a fair amount of money, depending on the current market exchange rate.