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Multiplayer obstacle racing meets battle royal style in this NFT game with play to earn benefits and more. Race to the next spaceship with your character. Learn more.

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What Is Play AFAR?

A Far Away Realm (AFAR) is a new and intriguing third-person platform game. It combines the aspects of obstacle course racing with arcade and shooter games. Around 25 players compete with each other in a gigantic spaceship, TORUS, to be the first.

Four-minute battles are divided into four rounds with various power-ups, traps, and more to lay out or try during the entire race against time. All the while, the Spaceship is traveling through Planets, and these planets are owned by the players. It is a creation of Lava Labs.

How To Play?

Afar is going to have different heroes that will get revealed by the time the game is available to play. There will be six heroes, or AFARians, available in the game. Players can pick any of these six. Each AFARian comes with a unique set of skills and abilities that will become handy in the game.

  • There will be 25 players joining one round at a time.
  • You will ride in your mini spaceships that are equipped with weapons, defenses, and more.
  • Your objective is to shoot down other opponents or lay out the traps. You can also use various power-ups that will be available in the game.
  • Each race will be against the time and for players to reach the Spaceship, TORUS, before leaving for the next planet.

The game combines various aspects of TPP shooter and racing elements. There is also a Mini-Game


AFAR Mini-Game focuses on players investing in Planets and owning them. They will also invest in the EGG tokens to acquire resources, tokens, and more. Anyway, the Mini-Game is the first phase of the game’s release. It will focus on players selecting a piece of land on a Planet to mine.

As they mine, they will acquire more resources. As time passes, they can choose to expand their mining operations and dominate the competition. Alternatively, they can just unlock various resources or gather them to use later when the major game releases.


The game will have in-game currency and tokens, as well as the blockchain token. The information on these tokens is currently unavailable. There will also be virtual Lands, or NFTs, for the Planets. Players can own various Planets or pieces of land on Planets.

EGGs are another part of the resources and tokens. These are what players will compete to collect or acquire. Upon collecting EGGs, players can hatch them to achieve various resources, equipment, cosmetics, and more.

It doesn’t seem like the six official heroes will be NFTs. However, their cosmetics and skins could turn into NFTs or a similar concept in the future. Similarly, ships could be open for customization with equipment and such. But, no official information is available yet.

How To Buy AFAR Tokens

AFAR Tokens aren’t available for sale anywhere. First, users will be selected on Discord for pre-sale and giveaways. After that, Mini-Game will open for players to mine for EGGs. These EGGs can be sold on secondary marketplaces, or you can hatch them to unlock resources, among other things. EGGs contain cosmetics and such.

Play In Guild

AFAR also combines the aspects of the merchant in the game. Apart from racing, you could make friends and socialize with them. There are the racers and also players that will take the job of Miners. So, it could be a joint effort.

That’s where Balthazar can thrive as a well-versed platform for you to acquire the right resources or lend your NFTs to others. Together, we can build a highly sustainable and long-term wealth-generating community. This could lead to a full-fledged NFT platform that will thrive in the NFT space.

So come and join Balthazar as a Wizard. Apply for Scholarships and more.


When Will AFAR Release?

According to the latest Roadmap, AFAR is set to release in Q4 2022. However, there seem to be delays in the project. We could see AFAR getting pushed to the next year, 2023, around Q2.

Is AFAR A Play To Earn Game?

AFAR combines the Play To Earn and Free To Earn setup in a single game mechanism. There will be in-game currency and crypto tokens for players to earn as they play the game. There are also NFTs.

Does AFAR Have NFT Land?

AFAR will have planets for players to invest and own. Planets will work just like NFT lands and players can customize their Planets as they deem fit.

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