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Plant Vs Undead

Plants vs Undead is a play to earn game that rewards real value. You can send PVU tokens or exchange NFTs with your online friends in the chats.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $54,939
Fully Diluted Market Cap $486,013
Volume(24h) 51,129
24h % Change -5.06
Circulating Supply 33,912,047.95 PVU
Max Supply 300,000,000
Total Supply 299,999,999

What is Plant Vs Undead

Plant Vs Undead, also known as PVU, is an NFT game that works on Binance Smart Chain. It follows the settings similar to the popular game ‘Plants vs Zombies.’ In the game, you have a mother tree that you have to protect from undead attacks. The world is set on Planet Plant until Zombies invade outer space. Apart from undead, there are also weather challenges for the players.
Plant Vs Undead is receiving consistent updates and has become a pretty popular game with the NFT integration. It even has PVU token skyrocketing to almost $20 at one time, but now it has sunken down. Regardless of that, it maintains quite a decent progression and releases. There have been 3.5 versions so far, and more are coming. You have PVP and PVE options separately available.

How to play

The game will have different rounds where you will fight a horde of undead. You can use around eight plants to combat the undeads. It is a strategy-based game where the positioning o the plants will have a considerable impact. For instance, when you group plants of the same elements together, their power increases.

When you win the rounds, you will receive energy points known as Light Energy (popularly called ‘LE’). You then use LE to either have more in-game items or convert them to money. Apart from the action-packed strategy game, you can also mine for resources, like any other NFT game. That happens by watering the plants that you own. You can hold up to 15 plants and water them regularly to earn a consistent flow of LEs.
Here is a quick guideline to play the game:

  • First, you will have to purchase the in-game PVU tokens. You need around 5 PVU tokens to begin and convert them to LE. It is an indispensable requirement.
  • You will also have to connect the MetaMask to make the conversion and other processes more accessible.
  • Once you have the PVUs, you will enter the Farm and receive free land and a mother tree to protect. You will also have five slots available for plants.
  • You will have to go ahead and convert PVUs to LE and then buy seeds, saplings, sunflowers and other items to the best of your capabilities.
  • After that, the game will progress according to the ways mentioned above.

Plant Vs Undead tokens

PVU is the name of the native token. You can purchase it from the significant DEX without any issue. PVU is responsible for the entire play-to-earn aspect. You can invest in and buy more PVUs, then convert them to LEs (Light Energy) to invest in plants to make yourself strong. As a result, you will combat Undeads or other players and win more LEs. You can also do so by watering plants and receiving a stable supply of LEs.

There will be 300 million PVU tokens overall.

LE Token: It is an in-game token or currency that you will use to purchase various seeds, saplings, farming tools, equipment, and much more. Everything in-game relies on LE currency. You can also convert it to PVU and vice-versa.

How to buy and sell Plant Vs Undead tokens

You can use almost any well-known decentralised exchange to purchase PVU tokens. It will need real money for you to do so. However, PancakeSwap would be a better place because it will also make the conversion to Light Energy (LE) more manageable for you.

You will also have to connect the Metamask to ensure you have some Binance Tokens. These will be needed for Gas fees, just in case.

Join a guild

Balthazar is one of the top NFT gaming platforms working on helping its members build a long-term sustainable ecosystem to earn money. If you want to start in Plant Vs Undead or lend your NFTs, this is the best time. You can join Balthazar and become a Wizard for lucrative


How do you play to earn in Plants Vs Undead?

You can fight undead and win the game to earn LEs. There is also a mining factor where you will regularly water plants and have 15 plants. These plants will provide you with a steady income each day. They will make up for the LEs you invested in them within a week. Next, you can convert LEs to PVU and then liquidate PVU to USD or any other currency to earn money.

Can you play Plant Vs Undead for free?

Unfortunately, you need to have at least 5 PVUs to start playing the game. This much is required for you to turn it into LEs. 1 PVU is roughly equal to 70 LEs in-game. So, if you decide to invest in more, you can do so. You can check the value of PVU here to find out how much you have to invest in starting playing the game.

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