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Collect, trade, and sell your Pixelmon as they travel with you virtually in the world of Eden. Pixelmon are NFT creatures that comes in all shapes and sizes.

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What is Pixelmon

Pixelmon came to the spotlight after selling over $70 million worth of NFTs in the Dutch Auction. The massive accumulation of funds has pushed the game to get developed faster. It initially planned on launching somewhere after Q2 2023. However, now the developer is boosting to publish the game anywhere around Q3 2022. So, what is Pixelmon?

Pixelmon is an Action RPG with an open-world setting. According to the gameplay trailer, it seems to have an immersive world. Although everything is running on pixel-oriented graphics, it looks pretty intriguing. You can see a dragon in the background and several high-quality elements and backdrops that make it stunning. It shows that the game will have a lot of possibilities with a medieval-esque setting.

Pixelmon is often compared to the all-time classic game series Pokémon. Even the NFTs are compared to them. However, those are just rumours as none of the NFTs or the function of the Pixelmon matches the Pokemon universe. Yes, there will be monsters for you to battle, even capture. However, the designs are unique, and so is the gameplay and the entire style of the game.

How to play

There hasn’t been any significant revelation regarding the gameplay. From the trailer itself, you see the character ride a horse, mount off, and jump around. If you check the movements, the character could be combat-oriented. As such, you’re looking at immersive action-based combat.

The developers plan to provide everyone with a single-player game or an open-world setting. Later, it will expand to the Metaverse to enable people to connect widely and play together. It might even encompass cross-chain compatibility.

Speculations can be made that:

  • The game will require you to use a wallet to connect with the server.
  • You will have to capture and train the monsters. So far, it seems that the users will have to combat the monsters, as well.
  • From the NFT distributions, the players are getting access to pre-hatched Pixelmons. These allow you to hatch and name them as you like.
  • There is also an evolution serum, which sounds similar to the evolution stones in Pokemon.

Pixelmon tokens

There hasn’t been any credible information on the token Pixelmon will use or incorporate. The game is heavily under development. However, it would work on Ethereum Blockchain and would probably use something of equivalent value in the game. The NFTs sold with Ethereum costs. So, it is just an assumption.
While the in-game tokens aren’t available yet, it could be speculated that there will be in-game currency and a governance token. Apart from that, you have:

The Pixelmon

The Pixelmons are the in-game NFTs you will battle and collect as you embark on an adventure. It is unknown if you can only have them as NFTs or use them. However, the mechanism around evolution and training suggests that you will be able to use them in-game.

Pixelmon Land

Pixelmon Land is a unique NFT and random too. It is like buying a loot crate. When you invest in Pixelmon Land, you can get anything from a tent to a full-fledged castle in the world of Pixelmon. Yes, you will own it, and you can use it accurately according to that.

How to buy and sell Pixelmon token

There isn’t any marketplace available on the official website. The Pixelmon Token sale went live on Open Sea earlier. These NFTs are still available there. So, you can go ahead and buy them from there.

Join a guild

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What is a Generation 1 Pixelmon?

There is a set number of NFTs that are released as Generation 1 Pixelmon by the game. You can’t find these Generation 1 NFTs in-game. They also come with plenty of benefits like access to Alpha Level 2 Pass and several other perks.

Is Pixelmon the Pokemon game?

No. Pixelmon has no connection with the Pokemon Company or the game. However, it does seem to take inspiration from Pokemon for the development of the monsters. Yet, these are all pixelated and have different names or tags. So, there isn’t any possible connection.

Is Pixelmon a scam?

Many reviewers and companies claim that Pixelmon is a scam for various reasons. However, the team behind the development claims to want to create an AAA-rating game for the industry. They have also released a demo version to ensure that they aren’t a scam. The Twitter page for Pixelmon also receives consistent updates and posts. So, there’s no proof of it being a scam.

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