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Pirates of the Arrland

A pirate arcade game with a generation breeding system and play-to-earn mechanism. Arrland is an intriguing NFT game with Adventure Mode and more.

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  • Polygon

What Is Pirates Of The Arrland?

Welcome to Arrland, a fascinating world on the seas where you will travel and explore various regions on the map. But, here’s a twist. You’re a pirate! Men and women alike are going to embark on a journey to explore the vast world of Arrland.

Pirates Of The Arrland is an NFT game that combines the easy-to-play approach with the mechanism of the Arcade game. On each level, you use the best pirate and the capabilities to collect some unique items successively. If you manage to do that, you will clear the round.

Your pirates have different traits, generating from over 300 traits randomly. These range from boosting your $RUM gains to attributes and more. All these impacts the outcome of the game. So, come and unravel the mystery of the Arrland world.

How To Play?

Pirates Of The Arrland is currently in the pre-sale and minting stage, which started in October 2021. You can mint new Pirates for unique traits and abilities. If not, you can also purchase the minted pirates from the secondary marketplace. Currently, the NFT project is active on Discord with limited participants to determine presales, airdrops, and more.

The team is currently working on the game, and the game isn’t available to play as a demo or full-scale release. However, in the game, you will have:

  • An easy-to-learn and hard-to-master Arcade Game approach.
  • You will select a Pirate for each level according to their traits and capabilities.
  • Then you will use them in the round to acquire a collection of special items.
  • As it is an Arcade Game, there could be time limits and other elements.
  • The game could also take the automatic or simulated approach with RNG and luck factor.

The world will also be available for exploration, whether it is vast oceans or dangerous volcanoes.

Tokens In Pirates Of The Arrland

Currently, there will be 10,000 Genesis Pirate Men and 10,000 Genesis Pirate Women NFTs available for minting. Each pirate will have unique stats (attributes) and traits (passives) that will impact the overall game. And they all matter.

  • For instance, a pirate could have a pirate hat with a skull to have additional respect from the pirates. They could also have an eye patch which will reduce accuracy but grant better night vision.
  • Similarly, a pirate could be lean or big, which will impact factors like HP, agility, and other attributes.

Apart from the NFTs, there will be special items for pirates to collect each round of the arcade game. This could hint toward item NFT. But there isn’t any information available there.

The game also has $RUM as currency and in-game token. This will be used for all purchases, upgrades, and more. It will make the game flow.

How To Buy The Tokens

You can mint the pirate NFT on the official website. Some players have listed their minted NFTs on secondary marketplaces like Opensea.

There isn’t any available method to buy $RUM yet.

Play In Guild

There are many exclusive giveaways in Pirates Of The Arrland. If you have missed them, don’t worry. There is always an option to rent them out and reap benefits while you earn with other players.

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When Is Arrland’s Genesis Sale?

Pirates Of The Arrland Genesis sale started in October 2021. It is still going strong, and the developers are waiting for it to finish before they move to the next phase. So, you can go ahead and get your pirate right now.

When Will Pirates Of The Arrland Game Release?

According to the roadmap, the game is currently under the NFT Giveaway and minting phase. There will be some time before the Game Demo launch and then the Adventure mode. We can expect the game to drop by the end of the year or the next year.

What Kind Of Game Is Pirates Of The Arrland?

Pirates Of The Arrland appears to be an Arcade game where you will use the pirates to collect special items. This hints at the Pirate’s ability to take whatever they can.

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