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Pikaster is a card battle game that features Pikaster (NFT), Metaland’s first Game-Fi project based on Polygon Chain.

  • Polygon
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $559,864
Volume(24h) 40,339
24h % Change 1.75
Circulating Supply 0.00 RBP
Max Supply 10,000,000,000

Pikaster NFT Game

Pikaster is a card battle game that features Pikaster (NFT), Metaland’s first Game-Fi project based on Polygon Chain. Pikaster creates diverse advanced gameplays, such as voyage and idle mechanism, in addition to traditional PVE quests and PVP battles, giving NFTs with more real applications, nourishing game token manufacturing and consumption channels, and improving game playability. There will also be seasonal competitions with large incentives for those who already have some expertise.

Pikaster is an NFT combat strategy card game. The game is devoted to the fair competition: players must engage in fights using their tactics and methods, paying attention to the capabilities of different cards and the NFT’s qualities. In the game, a player selects 3 to 5 Pikasters to fight in a battle: 3 Pikasters start the line-up. If any of them is killed, the backup Pikasters will automatically enter the battle. Each player receives 6 randomized talent cards and 3 Energy at the start of each turn. The duel will begin as soon as both teams are ready by pressing the “Battle” button. The initial use of the skill card would cost 2 Energy, and Energy will rise by 1 to 2 every turn after that. A Pikaster has one body and four body sections (head, wings, weapon, and tail). The foundation qualities are provided by the body, and each bodily portion gives a matching skill. Through the use of tokens, these Pikasters may be bred, linked, and developed to become distinctive and strong as they progress. These NFTs are exchangeable in the game’s marketplace.

Pikaster has MetaLand Shares, Metaland’s governance token, Super Rare Ball Portion, Pikaster’s rare game token, and Rare Ball Portion, Pikaster’s ordinary game token, will be issued. Pikaster’s NFT assets are mostly generated through breeding, which necessitates the use of $MLS, $SRBS, and $RBS.

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