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Pethereum is a Play-to-Earn metaverse that doesn’t have a lock or charge to get in.

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Pethereum NFT Game

Pethereum is a Play-to-Earn metaverse that doesn’t have a lock or charge to get in. Players can get pets for free by playing games on their mobile devices, and each pet they get in a game is also an NFT in the blockchain. In the Pethereum metaverse, there are many games that people can play with their pets to earn Pethereum Crystals. Players can make money in three ways: pets with different rarity levels in the game are worth NFTs and can be sold on the market; players who win game tournaments get $PETH; and players can bet their NFTs.

When a player enters the Pethereum metaverse, they are given an egg containing a pet with an NFT value that is owned by the player. Players get new pets by getting eggs with the Pethereum Crystal or by fusing the pets they have in their inventory. Players can also earn income by selling these pets in the market. Players can stake their NFTs and make a permanent profit with the game’s economic cycle.

The Pethereum story revolves around ten eternal spirits who have ruled the metaverse for thousands of years. They created friendly pets on a planet called Pethereum to make their lives more enjoyable. The pets’ desire to make more friends persisted, and they invented a machine that can fuse Pethereum Crystals’ power with the technology they invented. The fusion chamber merges two willing pets and their essences into one pet in hopes of making a rarer pet. For pets whose purpose was to collect more crystals, the fusion chamber was a wonderful invention. The pets’ need for more crystals and therefore their need for getting rarer pets was solved by the fusion chamber.

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