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Pegaxy is a play-to-earn blockchain game built on the Polygon Network. The game style is a PVP horse racing game where you earn VIS (Vigorus) when you place a position at the end of the race – First, second and third place. The remaining positions 4-11 do not earn. The game is still under development and plan to randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more.

  • Polygon
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $4,635,285
Volume(24h) 542
24h % Change 0.54
Circulating Supply 0.00 PGX
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

What Is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a simulation racing game where you can earn money as you win races in the top three positions. It has fantastic graphics and a 3D mode available for the users. The horses have wings on their back to resemble a pegasus. Hence, the name, Pegaxy. It is currently among the top 20 Dapp games

The Betting Phenomenon

While the game claims to be a racing simulation, it closely resembles a betting game. It has horses that will run on a simulation while you bet a specific amount on them. First three winners acquire money.

While many attributes and types of Pega will impact overall performance, the games strongly depend on the RNG mechanism. So, it is essentially like gambling on your luck.

How To Play

All you need to do is get a horse and start racing. It is a PvP racing game, so things are bound to get competitive. You can change or modify the horse you own before the start of the race, as there is a 60 seconds interval.

  • Each track has different elemental requirements. There are four types of Pegaxy horses: Hoz, Campona, Klin, And Zan. These represent different elements (Lightning, Fire, Water, and Wind). So, you will have to own and select horses according to the track if you want to win.
  • There’s no need for you to purchase a Pega. You can also rent them from others, in the marketplace. Players can also become the merchants to breed Pegas and put them out on a rent. They can take a cut for winning the race each time.
  • There are also energy bars. Each Pega has around 25 energy limits. Each race takes 1 energy bar. So a Pega can race 25 times continually. It takes an hour for Pega to regain lost energy.

Races are also free of cost. There is also a gas factor in the game. You pay for gas only for the transportation of Pega to the tracks and such, not for each race.

Pegaxy Tokens

  • PGX (Pegaxy Stone): To upgrade or breed your Pegas, you need PGX. With the combination of PGX and VIS, you will breed or upgrade the Pegas. This will unlock new classes of Pegas for you to use.
  • VIS (Vigorous): This is the in-game currency that you receive and can turn into USDT through a wallet. Each time you wager some VIS and 1st place wins 105 Vis, Second wins 44 and third wins 26 VIS.

For Gas, you will need MATIC tokens. That’s the only purpose they serve.

How To Buy And Sell Pegaxy Tokens

Pegaxy Tokens use Polygon as the base for the functionality. As such, you can connect to Pegaxy infrastructure, connect a wallet like Binance (Metamask). Then, you can go ahead and conduct the exchange of VIS to Polygons and then liquidate them.

You can also use VIS to rent or buy other breeds, if they are available for sale at the in-game market. VIS is also available at KyberSwap for you to purchase.

Play In A Guild

Pegaxy is growing in popularity for various reasons. One of those reasons are the beautifully illustrated NFTs. More people are bound to join and you can reap great rewards. As the game’s mechanisms themselves promote being a merchant and renting them, you can effectively join a guild, like Balthazar.

This will open you to an array of opportunities where you can rent out your Pegas to other players. Alternatively, you can contact guild’s players and get Pegas on rent from them. Balthazar Guild also helps new players with scholarships and NFTs to get them in the game.

While Pegaxy is a free-to-race game, it is far from being a free-to-play game. The key difference is in the use of NFTs. So, if you want to earn big, it would be better to join an official gaming guild.  


How much does Pegaxy cost?

Currently, PGX stands at 0.2$. Earlier, it used to be on 0.16$. It shows that the PGX holds potential to grow further.

How much is a Pegaxy horse?

The cost of breeding a Pega depends specifically on the type of breed (PGX) and the cost of breeding (VIS). There is also cross-breeding, where the common attributes will be given to the baby pega. The first breeding event can cost around $500, while the 7th will cost around $9,000. 

How do you buy Pegaxy tokens?

PGX is currently available on the following decentralised exchanges: KyberSwap, QuickSwap, DigiFinex and DoDo. You will need to connect a a wallet that is compatible with the polygon network such as MetaMask.

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