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Otherside BAYC

BAYC, Mutant Ape, Cool Cat, And World Of Women are receiving an NFT game. It is a Yuga Lab game Otherwise, with Otherdeed NFT sale that broke the Ethereum.

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What Is Otherside BAYC?

Otherside BAYC is the upcoming NFT game that will incorporate the P2E mechanism with the most successful NFT projects from the Yuga Labs. The teaser for the game has already dropped and seems quite promising. Bored Ape Yacht Club is quite a popular NFT project.

Other projects that the game will feature are Mutant Ape, Cool Cat, and World Of Women. The platform aims to combine all these successful NFTs in a fast-growing and enthralling gaming experience in the Metaverse.

How To Play?

The project aims to be an MMORPG that would allow players to have a cross-Metaverse experience. In other words, players should be able to import or export most NFTs in the infrastructure. It is an opportunity for players to finally use their precious NFTs and do more than just have them as display pictures.

The game is under development, so it is unclear how users will play it so far. But there are Otherdeeds, the NFT lands that will be available in the Otherside. There are around 200,000 NFT lands in total available on the Otherside.

Each land will have unique qualities, resources and more. The game will also use Ape Coin. So, that is quite an intriguing experience.

Otherside BAYC Tokens

Otherside is going to be massive with the availability of the token. It is going to use the Native Ape Coin that has grown quite popular over time. The blue-chip is turning so popular that people worldwide are investing in it.

Apart from the Ape Coins, there will be NFTs imported from various NFT projects released by Yuga Labs over time. These include Cool Cats, World of Women, Mutant Apes, and more. The more Yuga Labs acquire, the more will be available.

However, according to the ambition behind the project, there could also be other NFTs available, either in a partnership or through some other method.

How To Buy Otherside Tokens?

Yuga Labs is a huge name in the NFT world and the Metaverse. It won’t be challenging for you to find and buy their NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more:

  • You can buy Apecoin on the majority of listing websites like Binance, Swapzone and more.
  • The NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Apes, and Cool Cats, are all available on secondary market places like OpenSea, and such.
  • The Otherdeed or Otherseed NFT is available in the secondary markets, as well. There will be future sales for the NFTs, as well.

Play In Guild

Otherside BAYC is going to rely on the Guild System heavily. It is evident on the official website. They are asking people to make guilds or join some. So, Balthazar could offer you a golden opportunity to join the fast-growing guild.

You can reap countless benefits like lending your NFT assets or acquiring scholarships. There are plenty of wealth-building systems in place. You could become part of the fast-growing NFT platform as its Wizard (member)


Which Blockchain Will Otherside BAYC Use?

Initially, it looked like Yuga Labs would use Ethereum for the Otherside. The recent Ethereum crash during the Otherdeed sale has put a dent in it. Yuga Labs has announced that they are working on building their own blockchain. So, we could very well get a new blockchain for the entire NFT game and project.

When Will Otherside BAYC Release?

The details on the release date are unclear. There isn’t even a concise or comprehensive roadmap available yet. The trailer dropped in April 2022. Therefore, we can expect the game to release by the end of the year, or somewhere in 2023, but not in 2022. There are many sales that have yet to take place and much more.

Is Otherside BAYC A P2E?

There’s no way. Otherwise, BAYC won’t be a P2E. It is one of the most anticipated projects in Metaverse. It also incorporates Apecoin. So, we can expect it to be P2E. Even if it isn’t, the NFTs will compensate for it as their value is bound to increase multifold once the game releases. They are already available for you to try and fetch a profit on secondary marketplaces.

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