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Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak is an NFT game developed by Yeeha Games.

  • Polygon
Price $0.03
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $16,685,581
Volume(24h) 8
24h % Change -0.06
Circulating Supply 0.00 PKTK
Max Supply 500,000,000
Total Supply 90,000,000

Oath of Peak NFT Game

Oath of Peak is an NFT game developed by Yeeha Games. In addition to being a play-to-earn game, its Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) mode attracts the majority of adventurers and crypto fans. The game has an intriguing plot and is set in an age of myths and stories. Players take on the position of an explorer visiting magnificently produced 3D realms where they can make friends with animals, monsters, and other explorers that share their interests.

Anyone interested in stepping into the world of MMORPGs can play the game on both iOS and Android devices. Players need to first design their own characters before the adventure starts, giving them unique names, appearances, and classes. The battle system in Oath of Peak is one of its main features. Players will run into a variety of creatures and opponents as you explore the game’s landscape, and you’ll have to take them out to advance. The players can fend off opponents by using a variety of skills and weapons. Players in Oath of Peak have the ability to breed, care for, seal, and carry Spirit Creatures with them on their adventures. Their companions’ statistics are impacted by the several skills and abilities that they possess.

Peak Token (PKTK) and Oath Token (OATC) are the two tokens used in the game’s currency. The primary usage of PKTK, and it is required to access specific game features, buy in-game goods, and take part in events.The game’s governance token, the OATC is utilized for casting on community ideas and taking part in orders.

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