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Nuke Chains

Nuke Chains is a GameFi platform that provides an innovative solution to the issue of token inflation.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $64,753
Volume(24h) 164
24h % Change 13.00
Circulating Supply 0.00 NUKE
Max Supply 672,176,972,609,713
Total Supply 672,176,972,609,713

Nuke Chains NFT Game

Nuke Chains is a GameFi platform that provides an innovative solution to the issue of token inflation. The game utilizes a token ecosystem with a fixed supply, which means there will be no minting of new tokens for players’ rewards. Instead, players can earn tokens by playing in either the single-player mode or the competitive multiplayer arena. Rewards in the single-player mode are mainly paid out in yields harvested from farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocols. A portion of the rewards is also paid in $NUKE tokens collected as a wager from players who participate in multiplayer games. This approach creates a more sustainable play-to-earn model without inflation.

The game is set in the town of Plutonia, where the paint that once covered its walls has come to life, giving birth to a new society known as Party Nukers. Each Party Nuker is a living manifestation of the walls they were on, representing the rebellious spirit of Plutonia. Players embark on a quest to explore the chasms of Plutonia, taking on numerous obstacle courses, and competing with fellow Party Nukers in the Nuke Arena, where they can wager for an exciting winner-takes-all game.

To participate in Nuke Chains’ games, players need to own at least one Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of a Party Nuker. Each NFT represents a unique Party Nuker design, and only a limited quantity of each design is available. At launch, there are 8,888 genesis Party Nuker NFTs, and in the future, more designs will be introduced, with another limited minting for each new collection. The game has a Battle Royale multiplayer mode with up to 16 players per game, and three separate modes, including Free-to-Play Mode, Fixed Wager Mode, and Variable Wager Mode.

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