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Noft Games

A battle royale auto-battler NFT game where you choose your strategy and finish in the top three to play-to-earn. Get NFTs and level up your Noft in this mini-game-styled setup.

  • BSC

What Is Noft Games?

Noft Games is a Dapp available on Binance Smart Chain that tells a saga of the aliens. The aliens are called Noft, and they are trapped in a Spaceship. Now, they have to compete and fight against each other for survival. The last Noft standing takes it all.

Noft Games is an easy-to-download and low-system requirement battle royale-style game. It pits various Nofts against each other. However, it is an auto-battler where players have to choose one of the strategies and let the fight get simulated.

The results rely on Noft’s inherent abilities. They have varying stats and skillset, which distinguishes them. Hence, you must choose the strategy that best suits your Noft. Players can acquire new Nofts or upgrade their pre-existing Noft as they deem fit.

Nofts are the only NFTs in the game.

How To Play?

The entire game works on a 5 Step Scheme. But, let’s elaborate better on that.

  1. First, you will have to get a Noft. To get a Noft, you will need a BNB token.
    • You can also rent a Noft from other players or through built-in mechanisms. It also means that players can lend out their Nofts for battle.
    • When you rent a Noft, it will be randomized.
  2. Next, you will choose the battle mode.
    • Free-To-Play mode is just for fun and to practice. This is a good method if you’re trying to get to know your Noft better.
    • Play-To-Earn Mode will ask you to provide a small fee to join the match. You need to be in the first three rankings to earn anything.
  3. Once you’re in one of the matches, you will have to select the strategy for the Noft.
    • Attack Strategy will make Noft aggressive. It will actively seek targets and take them down.
    • Hide will make Noft more cautious and survive for as long as possible. It will run away and take cover.
    • Protect is the Noft that will try to hide as much as possible, fight if needed, and gather health packs.
    • There is also an Auto Strategy which will randomly select one of the strategies for you.
  4. The entire match will be automatic. So, as a player, you just wait and watch the match. This also gives players a thrill of enjoying the battle.
  5. Gain Experience at the end of the battle for Noft to level up. You will also gain a BNB price (40% for the 1st position, 30% for the second, and 25% for the 3rd position. 5% goes to the game commission).

Tokens In Noft Games

For currency, Noft Games uses BNB, and the rewards will be in BNB, too. So, you will have to earn or acquire some BNB. The Play-To-Earn mode also requires you to wager some BNB if you want to participate in the battle.

Nofts are the only NFTs in the game. You can buy a Noft from the Marketplace or generate one randomly. Minting Nofts is the way to go. Each Noft will have different attributes generated through varying parameters. The stats will determine its performance. However, you can upgrade the Noft by leveling up and combining the nofts for better rarity, among other things.

How To Buy Noft Games Tokens

The game primarily supports MetaMask Wallet for you to use. It makes things easier. However, you can also use Trust or other wallets of your choice. This is how you will get tokens and exchange NFTs.

You can mint a new Noft by clicking here.

Play In Guild

While Noft Games is an auto-battler, you will need powerful Noft to succeed. Balthazar makes it easier for you to rent Nofts if you don’t want to purchase one. You can even get BNB to play actively.

Balthazar is a fast-growing and mutually-thriving NFT platform for its members, the Wizards. As a Wizard of Balthazar, you can claim scholarships or lend your NFT assets to others for mutual gains. So, come and explore the Balthazar Guild.

Become a member today!


When Will Noft Games Release?

Noft Games allows players to connect their wallets, mint a Noft, and play. You can go ahead and visit the official website.

How Can You Earn Money In Noft Games?

You must participate in the Play-To-Earn games and secure 1st to 3rd position to earn BNB. Correlatively, you will have to wager BNB each round as well. As there isn’t any notable limit, you can go ahead and play as much as you like and accumulate rewards. You can also trade NFTs.

Is Noft Games Worth Playing?

It is one of the more accessible games to play and accumulate wealth. If you have a worthwhile Noft, you can have an idle game while you just enroll them in the battle and wait for the results. For a gameplay approach, it isn’t all that great. But for earning, it is stable and worthwhile.

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