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Nitro Nation – World Tour

Nitro Nation World Tour is a mobile racing game designed to provide car enthusiasts with an immersive racing experience.

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Price $0.27
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $274,348,563
Volume(24h) 28,565
24h % Change -2.53
Circulating Supply 0.00 MYTH
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Nitro Nation – World Tour NFT Game

Nitro Nation World Tour is a mobile racing game designed to provide car enthusiasts with an immersive racing experience. Developed in partnership with CM Games, the game offers players an opportunity to race, earn, collect, and own hundreds of fully licensed NFT cars from the world’s most sought-after car manufacturers. Nitro Nation World Tour features several game modes, including Campaign, Challenges, Player vs. Player races, Ghost Races, Duels, and Tournaments/Events. Players can earn in-game currency and car upgrade components by completing campaign races and challenges. PvP races and duels offer valuable rewards, including vouchers for additional racing tickets, upgrade components, and various in-game currencies.

Nitro Nation World Tour offers players a unique digital ownership of their car collection, with all cars fully licensed and from the world’s premium brands. The game features two main things that can be owned as NFTs: the cars and the workshops used to repair and improve them. Cars are divided into performance tiers, with each tier having three-star levels that further separate the performance of the base models. Cars can be earned through play, purchased directly in-game, or on the Mythical Marketplace. Converting a car into an NFT is an automatic process that occurs as the car reaches certain value or performance thresholds through gameplay.

Nitro Nation World Tour uses the MYTH utility token, which supports the game’s virtual currency, to connect to the newly announced Mythos blockchain gaming ecosystem. Nitro Coins can be used to upgrade, repair, and customize higher-level cars, buy NFT cars, other in-game currencies, racing tickets, and car upgrade components. MYTH can be used to buy or gain the Nitro Token, a limited-release token. Nitro Tokens can be used to buy exclusive, high-performance NFT cars, boosters, and other premium in-game goods.

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