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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fantasy MMORPG that is fully decentralised and powered by the players. Set in a world that can never be shut down, the game offers the ability to play-to-earm, mine and govern.

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What is Nine Chronicles?

RPG lovers now have an NFT game to embark on a new journey. Nine Chronicles is backed by Planetarium and Ubisoft as a Fantasy Game for you. The game has nine different worlds with multiple levels for you to win and explore. It encompasses various mechanisms from acquiring in-game items and crafting them, even fusing them for something unique.

There are enough PVP and PVE elements for you to enjoy. You can also trade with other players to have an authentic RPG experience. 

The game is also open-source. It means that community developers can add new levels, features, items, and much more to the game. This keeps things interesting and exciting. You can create new levels by yourself.

How To Play 

First, you will have to download and install the game on your system. Once done, you will have a Launcher. Keep the Launcher open if you want to mine. The mining will ultimately acquire you NCG in-game. You will learn more about NCG below.

  • The game uses Blockchain mining, and you will contribute to it by keeping the launcher running. You can check your NCG balance after the gaming sessions there.
  • You can select the Dungeons and levels as you play them and unlock them. Yes, you can revisit the old ones, as well. 
  • The fights in the game are automatic. You can’t use any actions to control your character.
  • Nine Chronicles is working on providing more classes, but you currently have a warrior class.
  • You can choose to be an Adventurer and explore the levels. There are also Miners that keep the launcher open and won’t actively play the game. Similarly, you can be a merchant and craft new items or become a politician to influence the gaming world. 
  • There is a blacksmith available for you to buy and sell items. You can learn to craft new items, as well.
  • There is a market in the game for the players to buy and sell items, as well. The market is full of items created by other players.
  • To unlock new recipes for crafting, you will have to clear the levels. 

The game uses energy that replenishes after every 6 hours. So, players will also have to take breaks from playing the game. 

Nine Chronicles Tokens 

Nine Chronicles has a single currency known as NGC (Nine Chronicles Gold). You acquire it by keeping Blockchain Mining intact. For that, you need to keep the launcher intact. For now, the game provides you with 10 NGC for each block mined. However, the company claims that in the coming years, with more powerful systems, the value of NGC per block will decline by half the value almost every 4-5 years. 

  • You can also trade with other players to acquire more NCG. 
  • There isn’t any available method to buy NCGs unless a player is offering. Sometimes, the company launches buying events for the players. They sell out fast. 

According to the official database, the Wrapped NCG is available for trading at 0.8$. 

How To Buy And Sell Nine Chronicles Tokens

The only way to acquire NCG is by mining in the game. If you have a better system, you can mine faster. Mining is also relatively easy on the PC, as long as you have an average to the high-end system. You can also turn the mining off if you don’t wish to earn NCG.

Another way is for you to trade with other players. There are PVP games that also help you acquire different items and resources. However, earning NCG is not as easy. 

Play In A Guild

NCG is an RPG, and the upgrades are in the multiples of 2 (2 – 4 – 8 – 16 and so on). It can become quite challenging fast enough. As the fights are auto-played, you never know how it can end. So, joining a Guild could be a wise choice.

Balthazar Guild offers their Wizard a scholarship program. Wizards are the players that join the games, also known as Scholars. With these scholarships, a player can prepare better to play the game. They can also lend their in-game resources and tokens for long-term yields from the Guild.


What blockchain Is Nine Chronicles build on?

Nine Chronicles built on its own blockchain with is currency being NCG.

Is the Nine Chronicles free?

Yes. Nine Chronicles is free for you to download and play. Once you start mining, you will start earning NCG in-game.

How can I play Nine Chronicles?

All you need to do is register at the official website and receive your Invitation code. Once you run the launcher, it will have an option for you to create an account. It is reasonably easy to understand from there.

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