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Ni No Kuni

The All-Time Popular Ni No Kuni Video Game franchise is entering the Metaverse with a fascinating NFT game that has play to earn opportunity.

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What Is Ni No Kuni?

Ni No Kuni is a top-rated RPG video game franchise from Bandai Namco. It also has the Anime of the same name. As one of the most famous Japanese games and Anime, it is intriguing to see Ni No Kuni on the blockchain, finally.

Partnered with Net Marbles, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is the first Blockchain game in the franchise that combines NFT and Play To Earn assets. The game is available for cross-platform compatibility on Windows PC, Android Phones, and iOS.

The game also uses Unreal Engine 4 to render the world-class animation and soundtracks from the long-time Ni No Kuni composer.

How To Play?

Ni No Kuni offers real-time combat with RPG elements. You will come across various mobs, monsters, and bosses. It also has an open-world-like approach to the overall game. There are various places for you to explore.

Ni No Kuni combines the Gacha mechanism with a Mobile-Game Interface, even on the PC platform. It keeps things easy and doesn’t have the approach of the older RPG games. For now, it is designed to help players get engaged and interested. Some would call it the testing grounds from Level 5 Ghibli Studios and NetMarbles to ensure the success of the game.

  • You will need a MARBLEX Wallet and ID to connect to the game. Then create a character. There are five classes available currently.
  • You will also unlock familiars, as they have been a prominent part of the Ni No Kuni universe.
  • The world is open for you to explore, and the adventure aspects make it intriguing. There will be more dungeons and deeper places for you to explore with the RPG elements.
  • Each class has different abilities, actions and controls for you. You can also use Familiars’ unique abilities.

Ni No Kuni Tokens

There are two in-game currencies that are interchangeable. While there are two tokens, none of them is DAO or Governance. Both have the same objective and role to play. Maybe, in the future, one of the two currencies will change. There are specific items you can buy with Territe and others that you can buy with Asterite token.

  • Territe (NKT)
  • Asterite Token (NKA)

Apart from the two tokens, there are NFTs in the game for players to acquire. It is a little confusing for players to distinguish between NFTs and FTs, but there will be better distinctions in the future.

How To Buy Ni No Kuni Tokens?

The game supports a built-in Wallet that works with MARBLEX. So, you will need it to purchase the Tokens and transfer them. After all, it runs on the MARBLEX blockchain ecosystem.

You can only buy and invest from there. Yes, you will be able to exchange the Tokens in the MARBLEX wallets, as well.

Play In Guild

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds can become more interesting to play in a guild, just like how you need a party in the RPG game. The game promotes teaming up and exploring high-level dungeons with high-level monster threats and more. You can also build your own kingdom with friends.

All you need to do is join Balthazar, a highly sustainable and wealth-building NFT platform that is available with lucrative scholarships and many other earning opportunities.


Is Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds A Metaverse Game?

Ni No Kuni runs on the MARBLEX blockchain, a native blockchain of NetMarble. It is as close as you will come to the Metaverse game from official or big-time studios. Yes, it is admirable to see the Ni No Kuni franchise enter the world of Metaverse. However, it is not a full-fledged Metaverse Game, as much is left for development and improvements.

When Will Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Release?

Ni No Kuni is available for PC, Android and Apple users to install and play. The game has a complete release available. It only has NFTs, and other future updates pending. You can go ahead, explore and have fun in the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds adventure.

Is Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds A Metaverse Anime?

There is an anime of the same name on Neftlix. However, Ni No Kuni is more of a long-time and successful RPG game, much like Legend Of Zelda and other similar additions. It is from Bandai Namco and has the Japanese flair to the Animation and stories.

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