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NFT games.

Name Chain Category Price Market Cap 24h% change Volume(24h)

Rocket Monsters

Crypto Blades

Polygon MMORPG $0.96 $885,825 -7.73 83,084


RPG $0.00 -1.39 4,234


ETH Other $0.07 $16,127,955 -1.68 133,617

Clash of Coins


Ni No Kuni


Otherside BAYC




Rebel Bots Xoil War

Polygon $0.08 8.63 16,842


BSC, Solana $0.56 $335,056,570 -6.08 238,245,131

Stella Fantasy


Tales From The Wild

ETH, Polygon

Boss Fighters




Eternal Dragons




Pirates of the Arrland

ETH, Polygon

Crypto Ball Z




Nest Arcade

Solana $0.00 4.61 3,165


ETH Card

Noft Games

BSC Card

Puzzles Crusade

Polygon, Solana Card

TCG World

Avalanche, BSC, ETH, Polygon Card





Wombat Dungeon Master


BFK Warzone


Coin Hunt World





BSC $0.00 0.00

Kingdom Clash


Ember Sword

Polygon MMORPG

X World


Zed Run


The Six Dragons

Other RPG $0.00 $49,435,206 -4.81 1,499,313


Tezos Other

Sunflower Farmers

Polygon Lifestyle $0.00 -4.45 31

Sidus Heroes

Other MMORPG $0.00 $5,056,398 29.04 920,150

Rumble Kong League


Plant Vs Undead

BSC Other $0.01 $385,424 -0.10 58,400






BSC Other $0.56 $96,810,385 2.83 86,314,451

Gods Unchained

ETH Card $0.28 $55,131,566 -6.03 5,555,493

Guild Of Guardians

ETH MOBA $0.08 $26,193,810 -6.41 648,212

Heroes And Empires

BSC RPG $0.00 -0.03 106,682

Fabwelt Arsenal

BSC, Polygon $0.00 $732,419 -20.29 649,594


Solana MMORPG $0.95 $4,562,657 2.19 170,526

F1 Delta Time





Other $0.01 3.43 504,879

DeFi Kingdoms

Other MMORPG $0.33 -1.86 154,348

Doctor Who – Worlds Apart



BSC Card $0.00 13.57 23,294




BSC $0.06 -3.58 225


Polygon $0.01 $4,010,702 -0.43 311,591

Bomb Crypto

BSC MMO $0.01 -0.43 552,344


HIVE Card $0.03 $25,718,391 -2.90 590,371

Star Atlas

Solana RPG $0.00 $38,743,614 -2.01 3,276,103

Monsta Infinite

BSC Card $0.03 $2,212,372 60.43 72,177,932


ETH MMORPG $67.36 $137,199,504 4.04 37,991,269


Tezos Lifestyle $0.01 -1.42 24,388

Thetan Arena

BSC MOBA $0.06 $6,778,358 5.23 401,754

The Sandbox

ETH Lifestyle $0.74 $1,112,364,919 -2.33 389,509,510


Polygon Other $0.00 -3.34 13,887

Nine Chronicles

Other Idle, MMORPG $0.00 0.00


Avalanche Idle $0.01 $1,746,848 -8.75 87,717

Axie Infinity

Ronin Card, MMORPG $11.22 $1,133,978,880 -3.96 282,832,569

NFTs: The Future of Gaming

NFTs are the foundation of these games.

NFT stands for non-fungible token and is basically a unique piece of digital art that can be sold, resold, and in the context of popular NFT games, can be used as characters and items in the NFT gaming world.

There are tons of applications for NFTs, such as digital art or digital sports memorabilia, but they have also shown a lot of potential as gaming tokens. The main selling point of these games is the play-to-earn model. The NFTs in the game can be bought and sold by other players for in-game assets, cryptocurrency, or even fiat currency.

There are many forms of NFT games, and they all fall under everyone’s favorite game genres. They come in the form of a role-playing game, fighting game, sci-fi game, and even metaverse games wherein players can buy their own digital land and digital collectibles.

NFT games are a vast world with player versus player, adventure, or game modes where players collect different items and collectibles.

How Do NFT Games Work?

NFT games are at the center of the current NFT craze. While other people are trying to fill up their crypto wallets by trading, gamers farm NFT assets and virtual assets in a digital world that can earn them money in the long run.

Blockchain gaming is truly a modern take on the virtual world, where you can buy digital land, battle other players, and conduct in-game transactions that actually earn your real money.

In this day and age, digital assets aren’t just digital anymore. Virtual reality and the metaverse are currently blurring the lines between the digital landscape and the real world, and NFT games offer a way for people to fully experience that.

There are multiple games out there that run on NFTs and the play-to-earn model. There are even free NFT games out there. These free-to-play games may not offer as many benefits as a premium NFT game, but they are still a great way to start immersing yourself in the world.

However, the real money comes from playing premium NFT games.

While you don’t need to pay a membership or a fee to game developers, you will need to make an initial investment for your first team, piece of land, or set of cards. While they are technically “free to play,” the initial investment can simply be too much for some people, which hinders them from playing their favorite blockchain game.

But through the Balthazar blockchain game scholarship program, you can start playing any NFT games or blockchain games out there without having to spend money!

Start Playing NFT Games Without an Initial Investment

At Balthazar, we believe everyone deserves a shot at exploring these new play-to-earn games.

Most of the best NFT games out there require an investment to start, and that is where we come in. We give players the opportunity to start their own game, collect in-game items, earn rewards, and really immerse themselves in the play to earn a model.

On our website, you can apply for our program wherein we give you a team to start playing.

We feature all the top NFT games in our scholarship program, so whether your forte is the classic fighting game or you’re more versed in other games and genres, you’ll be able to excel in our program.
NFT gaming Venezuela is huge, as it gives people new economic opportunities. In fact, this isn’t just happening in Venezuela as there is a big NFT gaming India community and also in other places around the world.

And if you want to get in on the fun by playing the top NFT games without having to invest your hard-earned cash, we offer great scholarship programs to help gamers find new ways to explore the game world, try out PvP mode, and earn money through games like Gods Unchained completely for free.

To learn more about our scholarship program, head to our website.

Play the Best NFT Games With Balthazar

The virtual world and gaming world are incredibly vast. There are tons of different crypto games out there, which can make it tough for players to figure out the best NFT games for their skill level. That’s why we offer scholarships for tons of different top NFT games at Balthazar.

Here are some of the games you can play under the Balthazar scholarship program;

Axie Infinity

For a lot of game developers and gamers, Axie Infinity is the NFT game to replicate. It is constantly listed as one of the best NFT games out there, and for a good reason.

Axie Infinity makes the most of the play-to-earn model and incorporates elements from the most popular gaming genres out there. Essentially, Axie Infinity is a fighting game. In the game, you are given creatures called Axies, which you can use to fight other players or the AI in adventure mode.

Players breed Axies as well, which offers a different way to take advantage of the modern gaming business. Axie breeders tend to make a lot of money and in-game currency by selling their Axies as a starter pack for people looking to start a new game.

Card matchups are very important in Axie Infinity. Every Axie has its own class, which has its own set of moves, advantages, and disadvantages. To truly excel in the game, players need to analyze their own life points, opponent’s life points, as well as the different cards of each player to figure out the best strategy for winning.

When you play Axie Infinity, you earn in-game currency called Smooth Love Potions, or SLPs. These are considered digital assets and are the currency of the game. You win these in-game items by battling players and going through adventure mode.

NFT gaming Philippines scholars and people from all around the world have reported earning between 75-300 SLP per day, which you can eventually trade for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.


Genopets is a unique take on the NFT game. In fact, among other blockchain games, Genopets stands out because you aren’t fighting other players to earn rewards. Instead, you are given a Genopet, which is essentially the digital spirit animal that you have to care for and nurture.

The stunning graphics of the digital pets in the game is what make it unique. All of the pets in the game are non-fungible tokens that you can eventually sell on the NFT marketplace.
This is a play-to-earn and move-to-play game. Many people have dubbed it the first game of its kind, but there are many games that came first. The only difference is that Genopets works in the crypto space.

Whenever you walk around and get off the couch, the game recognizes that and rewards you. So, while it is a play-to-earn game, it’s a fairly unique take on the classic NFT game.
On top of that, Genopets is entirely free to play, making it a very popular option for gamers everywhere.


Splinterlands is an NFT game that offers tons of different game assets and a unique play-to-earn model.

As one of the top NFT games out there, Splinterlands features great gameplay and makes the most of today’s modern blockchain technology. This is another fighting NFT game, which many NFT gaming Venezuela players have started playing.

There are many ways to earn on Splinterlands, which is what makes it one of the top games out there. You can battle with other players or trade cards in the game, which is how you can make money.


Illuvium is a game built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It runs like several games that also use the blockchain, but you get to explore beautiful alien worlds in the game, battle other players, and get to the bottom of the main story.

NFT gaming India players spend a lot of time in the Illuvium game due to its beautiful graphics and new opportunities to earn money.

Guild of Guardians

Every year, gamers around the world spend real money on in-game assets with no real value. Guild of Guardians is the opposite.

While you can still buy a bunch of different in-game items, they are actually of real value in the world, which is why the game ranks among the top NFT games out there.

This is a free-to-play RPG wherein players get to spend a lot of time grinding the game, earning items, and exploring the alien worlds, all while earning money.

NFT gaming Philippines, Venezuela, India, and other parts of the world have boomed because of games like these.
If you’re a gamer who enjoys playing RPG games and spending tons of time in these unique virtual worlds, Guild of Guardians gives you the opportunity to do just that while also earning money.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a user-generated crypto game that offers people a glimpse into the metaverse and the future of gaming in general. The Sandbox is an up-and-coming game that has many people in the community excited.
Featuring Minecraft-like graphics, The Sandbox offers familiar gameplay, mechanics, and even visuals. However, the main difference is that this game gives players an opportunity to make a profit while grinding the game and exploring the world.

Players in The Sandbox can build, play, own, and monetize their in-game items. While it does require skill (just like all video games), it offers a unique way to earn money for players. And on top of that, the familiar mechanics and world of the game also make it very easy to get into the rhythm while playing.

Contact Us & Start Your Application

We are more than happy to host over 1,500 different scholars and have thousands of people on our waitlist. We understand the need and want to get into this new gaming landscape where players can finally earn money while doing what they enjoy best.

We are dedicated to servicing everyone on our waiting list and giving them a shot at economic freedom. If you’re interested in playing as a Balthazar scholar, you can start the process on our website!

You can access our application form, where we ask you for some basic information and ask a couple of questions. We want all our players to be competent and experienced, especially since many of the NFT games nowadays have a ranked game mode.

Once you submit your application and our team reviews and approves it, you are immediately on our waiting list. We are constantly breeding new teams and finding ways to give players the opportunity to play different NFT games, and with enough patience, you’ll get your shot to play and earn money while doing it!

Join the Community

Our community is alive and growing. We are on Facebook, Discord, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all other major social media outlets. We are constantly posting updates, news, and cool content on our feed.

We have a vast community of gamers dedicated and interested in the new world of NFT gaming, and you are more than welcome to join the community yourself!



What Is NFT gaming?

NFT gaming is playing NFT games that offer a way to earn money while playing. These games feature NFTs as characters, assets, and in-game items which you can sell and trade to other players. Other games use a play-to-earn model wherein players need to grind the game, beat other players, and accomplish missions in exchange for digital currency. NFT gaming is very popular in many places around the world, particularly in developing countries such as the Philippines and Venezuela, as it gives people a new to earn money and put food on the table.

How do I earn money through NFT gaming?

For most NFT games out there, you need to play to earn money. NFT games function on the play-to-earn model, where the more people play the game, the bigger chances of earning money. You have to do different things to earn assets and currency, depending on the game. For example, for Axie Infinity, players usually earn their currency through battling other players or going through adventure mode. However, games such as The Sandbox use a different type of model wherein you can buy, develop, build, and sell digital land to other players.

How many NFT games are there?

There are tons of different NFT games out there. Since we are currently going through somewhat of an NFT craze, there are new games being released almost every day. We have come a long way since the beginnings of cryptocurrency, and the advancement of all these different NFT games is proof of that. However, among the most popular NFT games out there are Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Battle of the Guardians, and Splinterlands.

Can I earn money through NFT gaming?

Yes, you can earn money through NFT gaming. NFT gaming has given people all around the world a ticket to economic freedom. Certain assets, items, and rewards you get in NFT games are actually NFTs themselves, which you can sell on the NFT marketplace. Additionally, you can also earn in-game cryptocurrency, which you can use in the real world or even trade for fiat currency, depending on your needs and goals.