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Enter the world of Moonray this coming 2022, a 3rd-person action-RPG. Moonray is the first metaverse built on Ethereum.

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What is Moonray

Moonray is one of the most awaited games released with the Ethereum infrastructure, thanks to the new Stacks mechanics behind the innovation. It is one of the first DAPPs that will launch on Ethereum.

The game is set to be an Action-Adventure RPG Game. Its play style seems to focus on something similar to hack-and-slash. However, according to the gameplay trailer release, it will also have long-range attacks and many stunning entities to fight against.

Stunning visuals and algorithms

The game developers are primarily working in a player-oriented environment. They have released a mini-game known as Journey To Shooter. It shows some of the most innovative algorithms working on fluid movements. Their larger-than-life application will be seen on Moonray’s official game that will have an environment that will work with the players. For instance, when the player runs through a specific field, the surrounding area with uniquely coloured liquid also turns into waves.

A lot of effort is going into providing stunning visuals. The backgrounds are heavily worked upon, and NFTs, like character designs, are getting some of the unique appearances. These unique shapes, sizes and appearances could provide Moonray with a special stand out among other games.

Immersive soundtrack

Many NFT games tend to lack alluring soundtracks. Ten Walls has taken over as the Soundtrack creator for Moonray. The DJ is popularly known for creating Walking With The Elephants. Therefore, you can expect the soundtracks to be quite fitting for the kind of gameplay Moonray will bring to the table.
The style will certainly blend with the visual approach the game has adopted.

Moonray tokens

There haven’t been any official tokens released yet for Moonray. However, Republic Crypto will be working on the mechanism for the tokens. One can expect two tokens, as seen in most NFT games, one for in-game currency and another for governance.

The story of Moonray seemingly mentions the element miium. It could be a potential hint to the name of the tokens in the game.

While there isn’t any official token yet, there is a Pre-Sale pass available on OpenSea. It costs around 0.234 ETH and will bring access to Genesis NFT drop for the holders.

The Genesis NFT drops bring several first-generation NFTs for the users. It will contain characters, weapons, and other unique NFTs for players to own. This will be available to the holders for free.

How to buy and sell Moonray tokens

Like many other games, there will be a built-in marketplace available for the players in the Moonray. The game will also be free-to-play and play-to-earn. Thus, pushing the game to be a high-value platform.

The marketplace is already generating massive funds, even though it is under development. So, one can expect the NFTs to trade in hundreds or thousands of dollars. But that’s just speculation, given the hype the game is attracting. After all, the Moonray team is continually posting new feeds to different channels, especially the YouTube channel.

Play in a guild

Did you miss the Genesis NFT drop of Moonray? There’s no problem. You can join the Balthazar guild and apply for the scholarship. This could bring you various prospects in the world of NFT games. The game will ultimately have PvE, PVP, and other settings where players will earn a lot of the tokens.

Balthazar is a well-versed guild spreading throughout the DAPP world. You can become a member, known as a Wizard and either earn a scholarship or lend your assets to others.

Moonray will be on BTC infrastructure. It will be available on Steam for PC users. However, we could be looking at a massive blowout. It would be ideal for teaming up and thriving in the world of Moonray.


What is the meaning of Moonray?

Moonray means the rays of the moon or the moonlight. It could hint at the character’s appearance, as it looks like the character is a piece of the moon itself. The thoughtful design could be the idea behind the name of the game.

What is a Moonray coin?

There isn’t any Moonray coin available yet. While Republic Crypto is working on it, it could be Miium or something similar. The element is believed to create everything in the Moonray universe.

Who is the Moonray founder?

Rodrigo Etcheto is the founder of Moonray PBC, the team responsible for the game. The team also has Comic artist Grim Wilkins working on the panels.

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