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Moonfrost is a play to earn sim farming Role Play Game.

Price $0.06
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $5,118,556
Volume(24h) -
24h % Change 0.00
Circulating Supply 0.00 FROST
Max Supply 90,000,000
Total Supply 151,001

Moonfrost NFT GAME

Moonfrost is a play to earn sim farming Role Play Game. It is a free game that is also a multiplayer life-simulation.In a gorgeous game world full of life and color, players are tasked with farming crops, gathering supplies, and collecting materials in order to gradually build up and customize their avatar, farm, and a nearby village by earning NFTs to do so. As their homestead grows, it will draw a variety of fresh NPCs, each of whom offers players fresh mysteries to solve, rewards to earn, and improvements to pursue. This game uses $FROST as the utility token, it can be claimed thru contributing to the ecosystem and by yielding generated NFTs and staked pools.

In this game, players will be designated on their new home, away from the city. Open-ended gameplay encourages players to spend their time customizing their homes, tending to their gardens and farms, interacting with the villagers, and performing tasks for them. Players will soon learn about ancient mysteries in a setting rich in mythical legend. Farming and gardening are the main game mechanics. Seeds and young trees can be purchased from vendors. They can be planted, nourished, grown, harvested, and sold. There are many different animals in the environment, and they all behave differently and sometimes appear at random. Playing in this kind of world with a few close friends is preferable to playing with a thousand strangers. The town is populated by a large number of NPCs (non-playable characters). Annual special events take place all year long that are particular to a country or culture. You can chat with friends, assist each other with farming, complete tasks together, and go adventuring together. These celebrations will take place concurrently with real-world events in the game.

Moonfrost will be a new exciting game that will provide a better experience to players. The game’s mechanics will let players enjoy their new life, engaging with the community and fighting all the obstacles that sets their paths. This game will surely give satisfaction and enjoyment to everyone that plays it.

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