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Moo Monster NFT

Moo Monster is a play to earn game that can be played for free in IOS or android devices.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $149,788
Volume(24h) 6,882
24h % Change -0.82
Circulating Supply 0.00 MOO
Max Supply 170,000,000
Total Supply 170,000,000

Moo Monster NFT GAME

Moo Monster is a play to earn game that can be played for free in IOS or android devices. This game will let adventurers play as a Pig and explore the Mooniverse and earn money as a reward. Adventurers are in need to be careful as many dangers will come as he tries to return to where they came from. The game uses $MOO Coin as the MoonMonster Governance token that will be used in several in-game features, like in-game upgrades, staking, events, marketplace and etc.

In this game, the players must put together a squad using the characters they have. Players must use both their own and opponent troops’ combat abilities to fight foes in a variety of challenges. The player’s instincts and ability to pinpoint the enemy’s weak spot and flawlessly exploit it will determine whether they win or lose. Gamers will construct their own troops to be better and overcome any difficulties by gaining levels and experience by playing. When the battle starts, both your squad and the opposing side will instantly engage in a normal attack. Also, you must use the various skills during the combat. Every skill is based on your character; all characters have some skills. The skills that your squad has will then be generated at random by the game.The cost varies depending on the skill. Players have to wait for a high enough cost before using the skill. After using the skill, new skills are constantly and randomly appearing. A reward will be given to the deserving player if they are successful in eliminating the obstacles in their path.

Moo monster is a new adventure game that will let players earn just by helping their NFT pigs to pass the difficulties to return to the real world. This games mooniverse will provide a better experience to all who wants to be an adventurer and conquer the game.

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