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Monsterra is an NFT game that runs on multiple blockchains: including BNB, Avalanche, and OKX Network.

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Price $0.07
Market Cap $482,212
Fully Diluted Market Cap $7,197,494
Volume(24h) 195,796
24h % Change -1.50
Circulating Supply 6,699,722.00 MSTR
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 99,460,000

Monsterra NFT Game

Monsterra is an NFT game that runs on multiple blockchains: including BNB, Avalanche, and OKX Network. Monsterra is inspired by multiple games, the pet collection of Axie Infinity, and the gameplay of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans by Supercell. The game combines both Free-to-Play and Free-to-Earn models which allow players to play the game and gain profit without prior investment. The game revolves around property building, farming, and battling other landowners using magical creatures called Mongen (NFTs).

Mongens are the main character in the game, Mongens has three main functions: Production, Defending the Land, and Attacking. Mongens are composed of six body parts: Form, Head, Eyes, Horns, Tail, and Back. While the Rarity of Mongens determines its maximum power potential, the rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Mongens are also divided into five different races: Beast, Tectos, Mystic, Celest, and Chaos, although the Celest and Chaos have not been released and are currently a work in progress as of this writing. Leveling Mechanisms are involved in raising a Mongen, the stats of each Mongen will increase as they level up until they reach the bottleneck and will need Evolution Items in order to evolve and increase the level cap.

Monsterra created various features and mechanisms in the game to make it unique to others. The game introduces a Unique Breeding Mechanism, which allows players to create a new creature with a different appearance by breeding two other creatures. While Unique Land Shaping and Customization Mechanics allow players to customize the shape of their own land to increase their uniqueness and individuality. Various Land Themes are also present in the game, land will be changed periodically depending on the season e.g., Christmas, Halloween, and New Year.

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